The Retreat – Final Day

I decided to visit Cromarty this morning, for no other reason than seeing what was there.

Lovely old market town with winding streets full of history. There was some open house day as there was a numbered route and although I didn’t join in, it seems like a marvellous thing to do, attracting visitors to the town.

As one half that gave its name to the region, it was an important town in its day, attracting traders from all over the world. Still attracts, that’s for sure.

There is also a sense of humour, as in the picture below. A beautiful old cottage with this on the wall.

The brass plate below in the picture points a young child, James Mackay, who was killed by the iron gates falling on him. I do wonder if he was a relation, poor wee sod.

It was the birthplace of Hugh Miller, notable geologist, poet, writer and thinking man. He is remembered fondly in the town with Andrew Carnegie, the renowned industrialist, who set up the Hugh Miller Institute in the town.

I also caught sight of the ferry that runs to Nigg, run by that institution in highland ferry transport, Caledonian Macbrayne. Something romantic about ferries in Scotland, vital to the local economy. Also reminds me of one my favourite pipe tunes, Crossing the Minch. Also reminds me of a pal playing it while dressed like Ozzy Osborne, or OzzBurger as he was called that night, but that’s another story.

CalMac ferry to Nigg.

I had a good walk round Cromarty and I will be back again with the family to explore further.

Tonight, I visited Chanonry Point to see some dolphins cresting and then over to Rosemarkie for a sandwich dinner in splendid isolation. Me, the beach, sea and sandwich. Very peaceful, food for the soul and there were beautiful wooden benches that looked to be special commissions and the art work beautiful.

On these benches were names of people carved into them, plus year of birth and death. Some had a memory on them, one being ‘time to sit and stare’ which I loved. 

I felt an overwhelming emotion rise and grab me, unexpectedly. I sat and let it out in this splendid place and grateful for its power to elicit a strong emotion.

Tomorrow, I drive home and it will be with a heavy heart. As always, the highlands leaves its mark and calls to me. I am grateful to my darling wife for arranging the time for me to go away.

I’ll be back, soon.

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8 thoughts on “The Retreat – Final Day

  1. Sitting on a deserted Scottish beach sooths the soul and stills a racing mind. You know I took myself off camping with my dog a few weeks ago, on the Northcoast 500 route and I saw and sat on the most magnificent west coast beaches and came home feeling very much at peace. You’ve got me yearning to go back. X

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