The two glorious bastards!

Today is the day! Sun is shining and I’ve got my pal is arriving tonight for much needed laughs. Not got anything worked out apart from giving our livers a workout, which will be fun giving it a go, that’s for sure.   Lord G and I have been pals since we were 11 and […]

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Stop the hate

Once again we learn of an atrocity committed in a major city, this time London, where the very seat of UK democracy was attacked. At time of writing, four people lost their lives and nearly thirty have been injured. A police officer was killed while doing his job in protecting the public and Parliament from […]

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The world deserves better

This week so far has been eventful, in terms of politics across the world. There is no doubt that there is seismic change across the world and it would also seem certain that only a minority know exactly how it will emerge when all is done. There were two significant deaths this week of influential […]

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Human on auto pilot

Today has been lovely ¬†and sunny so far. I got up, put on shorts (which always makes me feel good) and took the kids to school. The Trainee Eejits were in fine form and once again, we were having a mad laugh in the car. It really doesn’t take much with those two. On the […]

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How unfair life can be

This weekend was busy and a good one. Everyone was achieving things, Darling Daughter was orienteering and although tough, it is one for her character bank. I watched her grow right in front of me, even though she was in an emotional state on pick up, you could see she learned a lot and I […]

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That was the week that was #3

The roller coaster ride continues! The week started brightly enough, literally as the weather was fantastic and that also goes for mentally. However, I’ve been sleeping so much this week which is usually an indication of something not quite right. Tuesday night, I was due at a meeting at Darling Daughter’s school, but couldn’t get […]

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