The Conspiracy of Coincidence

We’ve all been there, the days where it seems like everything is against us. Nothing goes your way, random happenings mount up through the day to keep you at pressure point and then there are people who keep on keeping on relentlessly, as if it’s their mission to annoy you. It’s like the worst imagining […]

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I’ve been at this crossroads now for quite a while now, trying to figure out the best way forward. And it has to be forward, as back is not an option. No way. I’ve been hoping that extended time away from pressure would help me heal and keep my illness at bay, but I’m stagnant […]

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No More

When the Harvey Weinstein revelations hit, I thought here we go again. Another storm where crap will be swept under the carpet and nothing will come of it. I was wrong and I am happy to be called out on that one. For once, my cynicism was proven unfounded and we might just get somewhere […]

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Eyes of a Child

It’s half term here and I took both my kids out today for the best brownie they’ll ever have, just along the road in a neighbouring town. Unfortunately, the cafe didn’t have any today and instead, they had a slice each of the double chocolate cake which was the size of their heads. They also […]

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My Nasty Companion

I’ve not had a good week moodwise. Throughout the week, I’ve been struggling and my anxiety has been high, culminating in a flip out at the end of the week. Not something I’m prone to do nor proud of, but it was a slow burn, a short fuse all week and it finally burst. The […]

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As this is a blog where I give my musings, I talk a fair bit about mental health which is a subject close to me. I wrote recently about the response of ‘I’m okay’¬†when asked ‘how are you?’ on meeting someone and right now, I am okay. Really. Every so often, life will throw up […]

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I’m Okay

It’s the answer to the question asking how you are. I’m okay. I’m good. Well, thanks. We go through it all, every platitude to answer the question, doing what’s expected. I’m sure most of us can relate to this and those who are going through a hard time will see it as a common occurrence. […]

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