Got up and gone

Yay for Bank Holiday Monday! It means we’re all home together for an extra day together and I got a long lie in, which is needed due to my sleep patterns at the moment. See yesterday’s blog for more on that. As I’ve not worked in a while, it doesn’t feel much different as I’m […]

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Update: The Drugs do work

Meds, meds, meds on my mind……quite literally, as it happens. I thought I’d update you on how the transition with my meds is going. My GP decided to taper new drugs in while tapering out the current ones, which were not being effective, as I was having another crash. It can be encapsulated in one […]

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The politics of change

It’s Friday, we made it through another working week, for most of us. What a week, though. We’ve had media filled with heavy events which again rock the nation and boy, some people are angry. I can see the reaction when it’s something shocking, like the Manchester bombing where children were targeted, but I see […]

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Blogger Spotlight!

I’ve been nominated in a blogger spotlight over at Random Musings, which means you can find out about me, why I set up the page, just more about me and Amused & Bemused. As the song goes, ‘The light is on me, all time is here.’ Have a look around Debbie’s site as well at […]

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A walk in the park

I did something big today and I’m happy that I did it. I feel better for it, more settled and less edgy, ready for the world. I went for a walk. Doesn’t sound much to others or when said out loud but it is for me. Since my meds changed two weeks ago, my motivation […]

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