My Nasty Companion

I’ve not had a good week moodwise. Throughout the week, I’ve been struggling and my anxiety has been high, culminating in a flip out at the end of the week. Not something I’m prone to do nor proud of, but it was a slow burn, a short fuse all week and it finally burst. The […]

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As this is a blog where I give my musings, I talk a fair bit about mental health which is a subject close to me. I wrote recently about the response of ‘I’m okay’¬†when asked ‘how are you?’ on meeting someone and right now, I am okay. Really. Every so often, life will throw up […]

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I’m Okay

It’s the answer to the question asking how you are. I’m okay. I’m good. Well, thanks. We go through it all, every platitude to answer the question, doing what’s expected. I’m sure most of us can relate to this and those who are going through a hard time will see it as a common occurrence. […]

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The world gone mad

It’s been a hell of a week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. We’ve had the amazing events in Catalonia, the death of Tom Petty, the Conservative Party conference (circus), another Boris gaffe and of course the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Time to draw breath and keep away from the news just in case […]

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The Cost of Patriotism

The news has been filled this week with NFL players in the US kneeling for the anthem before american football games. From this action, everyone seems to have lost their minds, with claims for dismissal and racism being fired around wholesale. Even the President became involved to condemn the players for what he sees as […]

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I wish

Last week, I headed north again to the Highlands for the final camping trip for this year. I went to Arisaig, which is in the west Highlands, to a lovely campsite called Invercaimbe right on a beach of white sand and blue water looking out to the Isles of Eigg & Rhum. On turning up, […]

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