Cars, coffee and peace

My car is in having a free check at a garage locally, which I’m betting they’ll find some chargeable work to do. Fine by me, if needed and hope it’s not too painful cost wise. Thanks to you tube videos, I’ve been educated in how things are done for cars, especially Mini Cooper, as that’s […]

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The Big Red Button

I don’t know if it’s the heat or the political climate, which let’s face it is a lot screwed up right now and will likely take years to iron out, but people are being a special type of nutbag at the moment. While out and about, the driving standard has certainly fallen, with people being […]

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Being positive

Back home for a night in a comfy bed, which is a good thing and had a great night’s sleep. It always helps – two great cures for a lot of things are a good laugh and a good night’s sleep. I think it’s an Irish saying and pretty much spot on with my beliefs […]

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I was awoken this morning by a strange sound – the patter of rain on the tent. Not a heavy downpour but a light smattering which gave a pleasant sound on the taunt fabric of the tent. It was certainly preferable to the wind of the first day which tested my patience to it’s level […]

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The Retreat – Final Day

I decided to visit Cromarty this morning, for no other reason than seeing what was there. Lovely old market town with winding streets full of history. There was some open house day as there was a numbered route and although I didn’t join in, it seems like a marvellous thing to do, attracting visitors to […]

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The Retreat – Day 2

After a night in the wind, I actually managed a decent sleep, although my back is suffering a bit today. The tent also survived with no incident, which was good to see, after my clownish efforts yesterday. Today, I went on a beach hunt. For those of you that have been following, I do like […]

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The Retreat

I am now in a tent on The Black Isle in the highlands of Scotland. Me, in a tent. You read that correctly. I do like my mod cons when away from home but this time, I wanted to be by the sea, so here I am. That, and keep costs low. Mostly the latter. […]

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