Light through the darkness

You know the feeling when you’re down, struggling and just can’t face life? Everything looks bleak, you’re pissed off and dragging everyone else around you down into the dark vortex, despite your best efforts against it. That’s been me the past few weeks and it sucks. It’s not constant, it’s waves but at the low […]

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Looking for something

It’s Monday, the kids have gone back to school after Easter and I loved the time with them, especially when we got away on holiday to my beloved highlands. Rory learned a few new hand signals and a few new words, while Abigail is growing into a young woman way too quickly. Once again, I […]

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It’s a long way to the top

Here it is, it’s game day. My team is going head to head with our greatest rivals in the Scottish Cup semi-final at the National Stadium, Hampden park. It’s been a hard road back for the club in the past six / seven years, facing bankruptcy, corruption, oblivion and persecution from the rest of Scottish […]

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On The Slide.

For anyone who has been keeping up with me, I haven’t been doing too well this week. Had a great holiday, spent time with the kids then it’s just been a line of tedious crap and dealing with tossers since I got back. Some of it is my own making, from the past due to […]

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Which way to Recovery?

From the little knowledge I have on body chemistry and the effect of SSRIs have on the body when changing dose on the body, even this small change appears to be having an effect. I’ve gone from a standard 20mg per day to 10mg one day, 20mg the next. Even this small change has taken […]

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Nothing is ever easy

It’s a gorgeous day outside! Always better when the sun is shining, or so you’d think, right? For the past week or so, I have been quite irritable and as of yesterday, my mood changed quite dramatically. Yes, there was a trigger which I wrote in yesterday’s post and last night, I had trouble sleeping, which […]

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Reality back with a bang

Had a great last couple of weeks with the family, away in the highlands relaxing in each others company and over this Easter weekend. Chilled out completely and thinking that the recovery was starting to do well. My doctor and I decided to reduce the meds a couple of weeks ago and as expected, that […]

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