The National Obsession

Football season is back upon us, with the summer break over we are underway in the UK, all bar the English Premier League which starts this weekend coming. It was good to see the Scottish games get underway with no dramas other than on the park, as we’ve again had a summer where off field […]

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The Parent Game

I have great kids. You may have read before how proud I am of them and the people they are, the way they are growing. But parenting can be hard, no matter the age of the child. The older they get, the different challenge that is posed and teenage years are bloody hard for anyone […]

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Shop of the Apocalypse

For those that don’t know, I love food. I love cooking, baking and exploring places with exciting fare, who try to be different to the rest. I do my food shopping at Waitrose, as their fresh products are generally so much better than other supermarkets, with the layout again more conducive to good shopping. They […]

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The Irritation Game

I’m irritated. We’re renewing our mortgage with our current providers, who have had the information needed to renew and being customers for several years, they have our track record. You’d be forgiven for thinking this would be easy but it isn’t. The Jobsworth attitude aside, this is by design. The mortgage market was a big […]

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Not My Generation

When growing up, a teen and into early twenties, we were full of it. See these idiots that have gone before, we’ll show them how it’s done. Our generation will do it right. Then your age group gets the chance, start to get into the seat of power and you realise that it’s the same […]

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Taming the monster

I’m on my own today as the family are away on a day trip. I elected to stay behind as there was a delivery and a few things to do here. Today is one of those days, where for no reason, I’m feeling low. Not at the bottom treading the surface, not even The Slide┬ájust […]

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