On waking this morning, I learned of the tragic incident in Manchester where 22 people lost their lives and 59 injured (at time of writing), some are still missing. My heartfelt sympathies to all families involved. This was at a pop concert, Ariana Grande, where the vast majority of the large audience were teen girls, […]

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Walking among them

Ever feel you had a bang on the head and woke up in an alternate universe? That’s how I feel at the moment in this world. I used to say ‘they walk among us’ but lately, I feel it’s me who’s walking among them. If you’re wondering who the ‘them’ is in my picture of […]

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Decisions, decisions

Recently, a friend posted about their move from their home of many years, moving to another area to retire in peace, a place they love. He said that one aspect of moving was all the accumulated hoarding over the recent years was bigger than he expected, taking him a while to remove it before he […]

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Rocket Science?

Kids football. It can’t run without volunteers, some willing, some with their wife’s boot up their backside to get them to do it as no-one else would. Coaches, welfare officers, secretaries, tea makers, refs, league officials, sponsors – they are all vital in running the teams, making sure kids are able to play football. It […]

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The World of Opinion

I had a bit of a rant yesterday in my blog post. It does come very much from the heart and probably got away from me a bit. Update is that the car isn’t as bad as first thought, which is good news. It probably came out that way as I have taken a break […]

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Under siege

One step forward, two steps back. This is how life feels sometimes and it’s the shitty end of the stick. I wish someone would just throw away the stick and give it a rest but that’s not how this works. It’s always someone else forcing agenda, sometimes it’s no-one but the shitty end keeps poking […]

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