Bang Head Here

Recovery is fragile. You get on the level and think that it’s all working out and bam! You’re back in the mire. For me, this happens but there are also triggers and today, there was a trigger which was then followed by others, none of them insurmountable, none easy to resolve. It seems that no […]

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The Age of Offence

We’ve all been there. Having a chat with a friend or posting something online that you think is funny, people are laughing, commenting ┬ápositively and bam! In comes someone who has taken offence and is on a mission to tell everyone how awful they are being. It can be about anything, absolutely anything and happens […]

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The Waking Dead

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, possibly other mental health issues too, you’ll know the feeling of being tired. It appears to go with the territory for most of us. It can be the sort of tired that is in the bones and brain that no amount of sleep seems able to shift. For […]

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Community Breakdown

Right from an early age, I’ve always wondered why authority behaves in the way it does. Call me rebellious if you like, plenty of my teachers and probably my parents would agree, but I have generally always questioned those in authority. It cost me a bit too – slapped face from female police officers, punishments […]

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Be Kind to Yourself

I say this a lot; be good to yourself. I put it on the end of my posts and it has become a bit of a strapline, especially for those in recovery. The Sneaky Bastard of an Illness makes me tense, irritable, withdrawn and feeling worthless. It can take big chunks out of me at […]

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I did something quite cathartic this morning. I took a car load of crap which had accumulated in the house to the tip. There is a good feeling when you get more space for all the things you need in your life, with fewer things cluttering the place. It also gave me good thinking time […]

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Al Bundy Sofa Day

The worst of aspect of having a couple of days activity is that today, I’m paying for it. It’s one of those moments when I discover that my illness takes away more than I realised. It was a good couple of days, culminating in seeing my daughter sing with the county school choir at Birmingham […]

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