The Changing World

Imagine, if you’ve not done it already, meeting the person you fall in love with, want to marry and spend the rest of your life with.

Then think how it might feel to be told you can’t as the law doesn’t allow it and there are people actively campaigning to keep it that way.

That’s the reality for many single sex couples in many countries and up until a few years ago, most countries in the world. Fortunately, more countries are waking up and making same sex marriage (SSM) legal, which then allows couples to have the same rights regardless of gender.

It’s happening in Australia right now and it appears to be acrimonious, with what appears to be a family feud driving the leader of the anti same sex marriage campaign. That is dreadfully sad that an individual should feel so little for his own sibling that he actually votes against giving her equal rights to heterosexual couples. Desperately sad.

We have had SSM in the UK for a few years now with many couples taking up the opportunity to get hitched, with the next battle being for couples to be married in church. For me, that is a matter for the church and while I disagree entirely with the anti SSM beliefs, I do respect their right to hold those views. Should a church congregation feel they cannot support SSM ceremonies in their church, then I do feel that is their right and they should not be forced legally.

There is a point where the drive for equality and to a degree political correctness, can become oppressive in its determination. While I may not be able to understand or agree with the notion that single sex relationships are wrong, I do feel that people should be allowed their own space to do with as they will, as long as no laws are being broken. Looking at it from the other point of view, I can’t understand going to a place that clearly does not want you there because of who you are.

However, others who have different experiences to me will be able to fill me in on that, I’m sure and I would give them fair hearing. What I can’t get past is why is it that the individual objects if two people who love each other want to get married?

To me, that is the core of it, the very heart of the matter. Two people who love each other want to marry and it really is no-one’s concern other than the two people involved. It was the same for my wife and I when we decided to marry, should be no issue for anyone else outside of the relationship.

This is a big part of what is happening in the world today. The world is changing and the old prejudices are dying out but they are not going quietly as these were solidly held beliefs. But they are breaking down, a bit like the Berlin Wall which was heavily guarded and is now being overwhelmed, the barrier no longer having the power it once held.

For me, it’s once again a moment for live and let live. If people want to fall in love and marry, so be it. If people want to live in denial of it, then so be it. I have my opinions and that’s all they are; mine.

Just leave each other alone and get on with your lives.











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