Jobsworth and Process Worship

I hate this illness, properly detest it.

I am also amazed that I didn’t swear in that opening sentence, such is the strength of feeling, although I do swear a fair bit. Okay, more than a fair bit. Actually, I swear a lot.

It’s not that I have a poor vocabulary, I don’t. I have a wide range of words and find that in certain situations, profanity is the best use of language. It’s not bad language, it’s just language and fits best at times.

Back to the illness. Yesterday, I had a difficult call in trying to sort my mortgage, finding the adviser to be a jobsworth and hell to deal with. It is doubly frustrating as we are customers for several years and never had an issue like this. I own several properties, most which I rent out, therefore I have a good working knowledge of the mortgage industry and I have never encountered anything quite like this.

Please answer a hypothetical question how you would deal with interest rate rises.
Won’t affect me as I am looking for a fixed rate for two to three years.
Yes, but what about it?
Won’t affect me as I am looking for a fixed rate for two to three years.
After that?
Who knows? It’s renewal time and we’ll deal with that when we get there.
I need an answer.
I’ve given you it.
Then we can’t go forward.


I sh*t you not, that was the conversation and I made a swearie there, sorry. This was the third call with this adviser and still no mortgage is settled.

Being that I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, my confidence and resolve is low. I don’t deal well with conflict and takes me a while to get control again, which a day later, I’m still struggling to do.

I’m 48 and had a full life of dealing with all sorts of people. I’ve managed complex projects into live service, dealing with some of the most belligerent people on the planet and multiple hoops to jump through in terms of process and corporate politics. I managed it at personal cost and now find dealing with Jobsworths following tick box processes immensely draining experiences, leading me to avoid them.

I’ve been feeling better, this call tested just how far I’ve come and I’ve failed, as I couldn’t deal with a Jobsworth with a bad attitude. In 30 years of having mortgages, I’ve never come across such intransigence or lack of empathy in an adviser. Even though the law changed three years ago which forced lenders to be more ethical in their lending and compliance for them has become far more invasive of the customer’s financial situation. I do draw the line at my wife being asked if she plans to have any more kids.

A complaint has been duly raised, a senior manager is calling back to speak with my wife, as I am not sure I can deal with it as it is more angst, frustration and dealing with people who see process as absolute. I hope this manager shows somewhat more common sense in the application of process and if we get another Jobsworth, I reckon we will be moving providers, which we are loathe to do unless deemed necessary.

This morning, I decided to be proactive and have fixed my wife’s car, which was needing a part replaced. It was fiddly but enjoyable to immerse myself in a task that has a successful outcome as my wife now has a car that works properly. That makes me feel a lot better as I tried something new and had the expected outcome.

I think that’s much better than dealing with people, as they seem to bring a multitude of problems to a conversation or enterprise. Anyone know of a job that pays with minimal contact with people, I’m right here ready to listen.

Have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “Jobsworth and Process Worship

  1. Mental health aside this situation/person wasn’t going to accommodate. Your FB message to the company won’t be ignored – full impact even though you feel you’re hitting dull yins.

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