Not My Generation

When growing up, a teen and into early twenties, we were full of it. See these idiots that have gone before, we’ll show them how it’s done. Our generation will do it right.

Then your age group gets the chance, start to get into the seat of power and you realise that it’s the same old crap being repeated by the very people you thought would save the world.

What do The Who think now? They were the faces of their day in the 60s and 70s, rebelling against the world, against authority, against aging. Yes, it’s music – damn fine music at that – but they dared question the norm, changed the way teens looked at the world and created a whole movement.

The Baby Boomers were rebels and fed into the punk culture with great effect – mods, rockers, punks, heavy metal, all launched by this ground breaking generation. Did they really change the world, politically or significantly? Nope, only culturally.

Trump, May and Tony Blair have really just been more of the same, with Obama on the cusp of both promising change, a new way, delivering more of the same, albeit with an apparent social conscience.

Along came Generation X, my generation, the first latchkey kids and seen as more self sufficient, entrepreneurial, pushing the curve. Again, where those have their chance, it’s not gone well, with David Cameron, George Osborne, etc as examples.

I’m not really sure how it has happened, but Idiocracy is here. This is how it happens. For those who don’t know, Idiocracy was a 2006 film that showed a dystopian future where commercialism ran the world, experts and intellectuals are culturally reviled and people live life like a reality TV show. The characters are all dumbed down, with The President and Congress more like a gang parodies, a result of stupid people outbreeding the clever ones.

Unfortunately, some took it as a documentary, a direction of travel.

We seem to have created a world of extremists who appear to have forgotten that we are all people trying to live our lives. We have the Trump administration that seems to lumber from one comical catastrophe to another, May’s conservative government who let Boris & Gove out for chaotic effect, Putin who is the pantomime villain and if that’s the case, then Kim Jong Un is the pantomime dame.

We as a people wanted change from the order and in that, we voted for these people to make a difference, except for Widow Twanky of Pyonyang. They are making a difference but are putting our world back many years, repealing hard fought and won rights that gave some semblance of parity, allowed the ordinary person some dignity in a world run by the few.

I don’t believe anyone could think that the world is still controlled by the few as we are in a version of soft slavery and commercialism. However, we do have employment rights, access to health care and help when it all goes wrong but this group of politicians want to rip it all up for their own gain, plus others who are just like them. Very rich people making sure that other very rich people get richer while everyone else will contribute to their wealth and power.

While everyone, including millennials, stand back and blame other generations, it is clear that it is the same world order that is in operation here to protect the interests of the few and the master stroke is to get everyone arguing over meaningless crap while they carry on their work.

I hope that the masses do wake up the created divisions and that this is the end of times for this order, but who is next up? We need positive and beneficial change in a world that appears to be heading for Armageddon of its own making.

Well, a few of us at any rate.


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