Playing nicely with others

There has been a lot written on the subject of religion and beliefs, most of it either attacking or defending strongly held core values of an individual. This is not one of those pieces.

My strongly held belief is that people should be allowed to believe whatever the heck they want. If that means worshiping a welly boot in the back garden, covering themselves in woad and chanting some incantation continuously, then good for them.

I believe in the right to choose and the right for all to live their lives freely. In this modern world there are great pressures put on us by family, friends, society, media, big business, employers and governments, all requiring some form of compliance or conformity. This leads to many different messages, sometimes conflicting and all demanding. We have to live lives for us, whatever that may mean.

One caveat for me – don’t screw around with others either to further your beliefs or attack someone else’s. Don’t hurt, maim, kill or interfere with others and don’t hate because someone is different.

In other words, don’t be a dick.

So you like a football team or think your God is the only one and trumps all others. Good for you, but it means nothing to someone else and they do not take kindly to you telling them they are damned or are sub human for their choices in life.

I was brought up by a religious mum until I reached the age that I could decide for myself. I decided there was no God and football was the answer. It took me a while to get to the point of of calling myself an atheist as years of conditioning were stripped away. That is my choice and I don’t believe it is any more important than someone who is religious.

Therefore I don’t go around planting bombs or committing violent acts against people who don’t think or act like me. This is true for about 99% of the population who go about their lives without being violent. Sadly, I suspect the figure to be more when it comes to the ordinary meddling, the getting involved to mess with others who are not doing anything but getting on with their lives. Whether it be race, religion, sexuality or place, people have differences and it’s not to be feared.

It’s the every day things we hear of that saddens. The casual nature of putting someone else down because they are different, the way some actions are blown out of proportion and hatred bubbles up to the surface.

Why not live life positively? I’ll be over here believing what I want to and leave others to their beliefs without getting involved. I believe it’s more than mere tolerance but just letting others do what they do and as long as they are not breaking the law of the land, then let them get on with it.

Life might well be a lot easier and enjoyable if we did just that.

Have a good Sunday.


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