Silly Season

Silly season is now upon us.

In the UK, it means that Parliament is now in recess for the summer and the news hounds have to find stories to fill their slots. There is still a fair amount from The White House to help fill the political pages, with the latest from David Scaramucci, the new Communications Director, who has decided to make friends with his new colleagues by having a foul mouth rant. Some of it is entertaining, especially relating to Steve Bannon but it is again not fit for anyone working for POTUS and brings the admin into disrepute.

Although we do get the occasional drips from politicians, with the Cabinet once again contradicting each other and more on the EU negotiations being fed into the media, it does show what the media is made of without political development to report.

We’ve had the millionaire who keeps 5000 pigeons, which made the front of BBC news webpage, the death of a Z celebrity and yes, the old favourite, there’s a documentary on Princess Diana coming out which promises more revelations. Always a firm favourite to whip up the masses. I prefer my pal Muskey’s view of her that he left on the wall in Paris at the site of her crash. The less said about that, the better as someone will likely go all puritanical on my hairy yellow butt.

Take away football from sport as it is in summer break and what have the news outlets to report on? There are several 24 hour news channels that have to fill minutes, so I’m guessing that most eyes will be on the US (Trumpwatch), developments in North Korea’s nuclear testing and maybe a celebrity’s cat that was stuck up a tree having to be rescued by the fire service.

Wouldn’t we like to hear some positive stories, maybe flex some proper journalism and research things that matter, helping people instead of feeding constant doom and gloom into the veins of the UK public? I know I would and would give us a welcome break from the attack dog mentality that has gripped us recently.

No, I don’t mean a story about cats, but maybe research real people stories, things that people are doing every day to help others, maybe run a story on a health issue without making a drama out of it to help those who are suffering.

While we have President Trump tweeting and talking, there will be column inches and I have to say that his rambling speech to law enforcement departments was appalling. For a President to encourage police officers to be more physical with suspects, especially with the current US storm over police shootings, is plainly misguided. I don’t mean officers should tickle suspects into submission, although that is quite a funny picture, but let the force be proportionate and necessary. Once you have someone handcuffed, they are under your control and don’t need to have their heads banged on the car.

We’ll see what the media picks up on here in the UK, but I’m guessing there will be more stories on immigrants, what Corbyn had for breakfast (and it will outrage you), cats, Trump and Princess Di will get an outing too.

Hey ho……


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