My 6 Car Garage

It’s no real secret, I like cars. Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was jump in and drive, which got me into a spot of bother or six, but that’s not for on here.

I started off in a job that would allow me to drive and see parts of the country I’d never been to before, which got in the way of the actual work I was meant to be doing. I had company vehicles, an array of ‘road warrior’ specials and it wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I owned a car for the first time.

I took advanced lessons, learned system of car control which the police used at the time and then worked for a company who trained qualified company drivers to help reduce accident levels.

I’m an avid watcher of Top Gear and The Grand Tour, loving cars and the cocking about in cars, wishing I could do something like that. Then I saw Jay Leno on an old TG and he was showing off his garage he has at home. We say garage but it is more like a showroom and the car range was spectacular.

It gets me thinking what my garage would like, if I had the funds, the space…..well, mainly the funds. Even if I ate nothing but Lidl baked beans for about 30 years, I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but I can think about, dream a little.

I put together a quick list and there more I’d have, but this will do for starters.

Classic Car

Jaguar XK120

Image result for james may jaguar xk120

This would be for special trips in elegant style and the odd weekend away. It’s one of those cars that as soon as you look at it, you are transported back to a different time and place, even if you weren’t born when this beauty was around.

Not only is it beautiful but it’s fast, one of the quickest cars of its day. I might end up looking at it from outside though, as it really is gorgeous.

The Family Car

Volvo XC90

Image result for volvo xc90

For me, the best in its class for moving people around in style as well as great looks. I would have the D5 diesel engine, as it’s proven to be refined and powerful, with great reliability.

Full spec with DVD screens for the kids in the back with plenty of space for all our crap when going away. Honestly, go away for a week and Lady M packs for a full expedition to every continent know to man, so we need it.

A great family car to have.

The Performance Beast

Mercedes SLS Convertible

Image result for sls convertible

So many cars fit this space but I love the looks of the SLS and it has to be a convertible. The AMG 6.3 engine is again proven and a weapon in the right hands. The tyres are massive and need to be to get all that power down in one go.

Great for a weekend away or even a track day, a great car to have a lot of fun with and in such great style.

Everyday Fun

Mini Cooper S

Image result for mini cooper s 2017

I wouldn’t get near this much as Lady M loves her Mini. It’s small and lethally fast, a bit like a refined and comfortable go kart, but twice the fun. And a media player too!

Driving the Mini brings you back to the days of seat of your pants driving and with the powerful engine, it brings a huge smile to your face.

Great fun everyday in this modern classic.

The Stealth Warrior


Image result for bmw m5 2017

If you are wanting to dawdle around town, drive comfortable miles or hoon around like a hooligan, this is the car to do it.

It’s one of those cars that looks nondescript when you pull up at the lights next to the young bumfluff adorned baseball cap in the Citroen Saxo with the sports exhaust. Watch his face fall and get further away very quickly as you leave him for dead.

It’s the ultimate weapon should the need arise, or any event including track days. Unassuming style, comfort, top performance and a big smile all come with this cracker.

Just Because Car

Alfa Romeo 4c Spider

Image result for alfa romeo 4c spider

Lastly, a collection is not complete without an Alfa in it’s midst. The 4C Spider is stunning, absolutely breath taking in every way and although I have the SLS Convertible, the Alfa is my ‘just because’ car.

This would be fantastic for a long weekend tour through mainland Europe, maybe down to the med or lakes of Northern Italy. Stunning car and if anyone is looking for a kidney, this is the price.

I’m having a great time in my head thinking about all of this but the sad thing is that it will never happen. If I could get a third car for fun I’d be happy with that and it would definitely be a convertible. Fingers crossed on someday.

What would your perfect garage look like?


One thought on “My 6 Car Garage

  1. Firstly I know nothing about cars at all!!! but you begged the question!! (1) The Bentley MPV I sat in last year at the Ignition Festival (all £250k worth… vroom!!) l!!! There are actually bloody 2 driving around Glenburn!! (2) Jag XJS just cos I like them… (3) Audi A8 I think MPV (No idea what the model is!! ), my wee Citroen C5 that ran me & my boys around during many difficult years, my beloved Meriva which took over from the wee green machine and my wee day trooper now… my Mokka.. Makka Mokka is my pride & joy

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