Sunday Thoughts

I don’t want to say I told you so, but I did. So, I will.

On Thursday’s post, I mentioned that certain news item were dragged out when the media and government want to deflect attention away from current stories. One of these was Princess Diana, a firm favourite of the media when the government is feeling the pinch.

After a disastrous week for the government, with infighting on the rise and approval ratings plummeting, lo and behold there is a story about Princess Diana on the front pages. And it will have its usual emotional overtone to really work the public heart strings.

Meanwhile, the government has had several issues this week, with the Brexit negotiations not going well and the EU stating several times that the UK is not ready for negotiations. Crime figures released for England & Wales show a significant rise for the first time in a while and is no surprise as police numbers have been slashed by 20,000 since 2010. Another ‘I told you so’ moment as the police fed stated back in 2013 that it was going to mean a rise in crime and despite changes in the way figures are recorded, crime is on the up.

Sunday papers are renowned for telling not only the stories of the day but of the week, and it has been a terrible week for this government, with approval ratings for PM Theresa May the lowest for a PM in a long while. No wonder the Princess Diana story has been put out this week to divert attention, but don’t be fooled.

I was thinking of this as I was driving into town and then was diverted by the awful driving of other road users. The thing about Sundays is that there is less traffic and is certainly more relaxed, but it does bring out the eejits who can’t drive. Enter the Peugeot who sailed around without a care in the world, including on coming traffic, which had to swerve to avoid the daft prat. We were then caught behind a queue led by an old Fiesta who for some reason had decided 25 mph was an appropriate speed in a 60 mph zone.

On the way back, it was a Toyota who lived on their brakes, before bends, through bends, downhill and even uphill, just to drive me mad. Then I was finished by a Honda Jazz, one of my warning flag cars, who lived up to their billing of crap driving.

Sometimes I wonder if I live in a perverse world like the Truman Show, where everything was choreographed just to feckin annoy me. ‘Here he comes! Get the Nissan Micra rolling now!” The past few weeks of driving have been exactly like that and it does make me wonder if we have any decent driving roads left in the UK. Not that I want to hoon round every corner like I’m racing, I just want to drive freely without encountering loonballs.

I can dream……..


2 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. Now I have a pathalogical hatred of Micras, once had a Jazz on hire as my trusty Meriva was in the garage (or a Honda Cheese as Kyle called it back then … he was only 6) which on overtaking almost bloody took off to be honest!!! Do you drive a Beamer by chance Rich?… just asking? or an Audi?

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    1. Not saying all people with the cars I hate are arseholes who can’t drive but I can say most arseholes who can’t drive are people with those cars.
      Yes, I drive a Beemer and had most marques down the years. I study my driving to be better where I can.


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