Be Kind to Yourself

I say this a lot; be good to yourself. I put it on the end of my posts and it has become a bit of a strapline, especially for those in recovery.

The Sneaky Bastard of an Illness makes me tense, irritable, withdrawn and feeling worthless. It can take big chunks out of me at a time and come back for more. While feeling so low and hopeless, we need to do something to change the pattern.

For me, being kind to myself is not to judge myself, remove the poisonous thoughts and do something for me. Taking time to myself, walking, baking or even going to a place I love, it all helps to return the sense of self. In this lovely weather at the moment, it’s getting the windows open on the car, put the music on loud and sing while driving along. Great for the soul!

Buying that one thing you’ve wanted for a while, a massage or going to the movies on your own, it all helps to alleviate the pressure you are putting on yourself, thanks to this horrible illness.

I try not to be too hard on myself, not judging when something goes wrong and giving myself room to breathe from my thoughts. This illness will lay blame, point the finger and cause rumination over all things that have gone wrong, recently as well as further back, Sometimes way, way back.  It’s important to see these thoughts as they are – negativity driven by illness.

I don’t meditate enough. It’s good practice to do once a day, watching the thoughts come and go from a safe position and seeing them for what they are, not simply accepting them, which only fuels the downward spiral. Have some Mindfulness practice too, being thankful for the good things in your life, really listening to what’s around you and surrounding yourself with positives. It does work, and the reason I don’t do it enough is the illness.

Any of the above things, and I’ll bet you can find more for yourself, can be done while feeling good too, in fact I recommend exactly that. It can and should be done for the rest of our days, for if we don’t, the Sneaky Bastard wins.

It’s war and a constant one. It is the ultimate good v evil conflict and can only be won by being positive, being kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself when the thing you were doing falls apart or you get an unpleasant letter in the post, it only leads to further anguish.

I know it’s easier said than done, from painful experience. It is something we ought to try every day, just five mins to sit and meditate, do something positive for ourselves and when bad news comes calling, don’t dwell on it or start the self loathing.

You are worth it.

Be kind to yourself.


2 thoughts on “Be Kind to Yourself

  1. Good advice R. I love guided meditation but have been neglecting it. Must get back into the routine. Used to be the first thing I did after work, half an hour on the settee. Then I was getting home later n later, more n more stressed, and I stopped doing it at the very time I needed it most. I enrolled in an 8 week class to try and get back into it. The woman was awful. Her voice was not conducive and I left the first two sessions very stressed and didn’t go back. That was unfortunate because I’ve never had a bad experience before.
    So, taking on board your accurate advice, I’m going to start again today with some CDs or YouTube. Thanks for the gentle shove 😊 x

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