Island Life

The movies – I like going, with the massive screen, the sound and the whole experience. We went as a family to see Despicable Me 3 yesterday as we are all fans, and with the release on Friday, it was perfect timing.

It didn’t disappoint and we all enjoyed it thoroughly, with Gru and the Minions hamming it up again with new characters that all added to the plot.

What I didn’t like is that I had to share it with other people. It may sound churlish or unrealistic but it’s something I struggle with at the moment, being around others. I don’t want the interaction or for them to intrude in my world. I have become reclusive in that way as I find people just suck the energy out of me and rarely feel invigorated after an exchange.

I really have changed in that way, as I was really outgoing and extrovert. One manager said to me that I was the most extrovert he’d ever come across. Nobody is ever full introvert or extrovert and I’ve always enjoyed a bit of alone time but now, I am certainly more introverted, enjoying more time alone without the exertion of dealing with others.

The change is in me, that is undeniable. I do feel that society has hardened, for sure and people are certainly less happy, more grumpy but that could also be a reflection on my outlook.

Even when running the cafe, I enjoyed engaging with others and with some, I felt good afterwards, more energy from that interaction. Now, I’m left flat after conversations and just avoid them, where possible.

That also is extending to social media. I express views, have a laugh with others but as soon as there is conflict, I avoid it. I retract as quickly as I can and leave logging in for a while. It leaves me drained and irritable, which I don’t understand as I don’t really care what others think of my views or opinions, although I don’t mind discussion or debate. It’s the jump to conflict that has become common on social media that I can’t understand.

Then there are the drama Llamas. People who are looking for a mission or some drama to catapult out to everyone, challenging all comers to support their cause or have a fight if they disagree. I’ve taken to avoiding those threads as when you put forward what appears to you to be a rational response, you are met with a volley of emotion, a hurricane of justification that demands in righteous tones that you agree fully with them.

I’ve now taken to ignore such posts as there is no earthly point in engaging with people who can’t and won’t entertain an alternate point of view. Due to the nature of their posts, they have acolytes who have a stored message they repeat ad nauseam, along the lines of ‘you’re right’, normally using ‘your’ incorrectly, and therefore confirming to the poster that their approach is justified. They never get challenged, so when you do challenge, it’s war.

I joke that I want to go live on an island all by myself with no-one else to annoy me, no human interaction and left to my own devices. I used to think it was a joke, but now I’m not so sure. The idea of it is more appealing with every trip out.

It’s me, not you……..definitely applies here.

Look after yourself.




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