I got up this morning after a disturbed sleep expecting the worst. It gets me like that sometimes, when in the grip of The Sneaky Bastard, I get a strange night’s sleep.

On rising, I took Lady M to the station, kids to school and came back to sort the car out with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised, for a change.

By 10 am, the car had been collected and on way to garage, who will be sorting it tomorrow, which is far earlier than I expected. Fingers crossed it gets there and no further work is needed other than expected. It’s already going to cost me and I don’t want it be an expensive mistake.

My lad this morning asked me ‘Why don’t you get a team of guys in to fix it?’, which is an excellent question and one that I am happy to answer that it’s exactly what I’m doing. The group of guys are doing well at the minute, the pieces falling in to place.

That said, such is my mood and low expectation in these matters that I am cautious and pessimistic. I don’t believe that it can be quick and easy, that something will go wrong to cause significant inconvenience resulting in me feeling even worse about myself. It’s one of these downward spiral moments that only serves to drag you under, getting worse as the confirmation bias kicks in that it’s all ratshit and I was right all along.

So far, it’s going as well as planned and it all looks good. So far.

Fingers crossed.

While talking to the recovery guy today, who was the same chap as Saturday, he told me that it’s now getting more and more difficult to work on newer cars as the manufacturers are making the management systems more difficult to access. This means that the local garages are getting more and more squeezed, and as time goes on, there will be fewer of them to go around.

We have cars that can still be worked on and I reckon it would be a good idea for me to get some training in basis car maintenance so that I can do the less complicated jobs, possibly my own servicing or the majority of it, at any rate.

This would keep costs down and allow me to put an interest to good use, as well as filling a need. If the recovery chap is right, this situation will only get worse at independent garages and there is a real need to be able to do simple jobs to keep issues from occurring in the future, or certainly minimise them.

I can’t see myself doing engine rebuilds or anything complicated, just the easier maintenance jobs and use garages for the things I don’t have the capability to do.

If you’d asked me a few years back if I’d ever consider this, I would answer that it was highly unlikely, but things change and affect your outlook on life. I never thought I’d be writing as keenly as this either, as it was something I never considered – now look at me.

Happy Monday. Stay well.


2 thoughts on “Expectation

  1. You will be surprised at what you can do between the Internet and independent specialists. The latter often come from being head technicians at dealerships. Go for it!

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