Stupid is as stupid does

Well, yesterday was a bit of a disaster.

Not like a major incident where people lose their lives sort of disaster, but for me on a personal scale, it was a washout.

In my blog yesterday, I wrote I was heading for The Slide and I was doing a few things to try to halt it, positive action, as it were. It didn’t go to plan.

I went out to the car and made some fixes and on taking it for a drive, something felt wrong. Upshot is that it needs work and I appear to have made an arse of it. Means that I will be leaving it in to get fixed at a garage which could take days as they never can just do something that comes in suddenly, as all work has to be booked.

This will take about an hours work, maybe two, but I’ll bet it’ll string out days now, all because I thought I knew bloody best. More fool me. It’s been the way of it in dealing with garages, there is not one who seems to give good responsive servicing of an issue that’s not that big. I appreciate they are busy, but some are downright unhelpful and take customer service as a necessary evil.

Needless to say, I feel like five pounds of crap in a three pound as result, instead of my mood being lifted, as planned. I’m licking my wounds today and hope for a better day health wise, but right now my fragile confidence and recovery are skimming the sides in freefall.

I brought this on myself, it could have been avoided but that is not helpful. Yes, I will learn from it but I now have more than likely a few days of hassle and messing around before I get my car sorted. I predict by Friday, if it goes as it has done previously. I am giving another place a try as the last one pissed both Lady M & I off so much, they will lose this job as I can’t trust them, but it’s a lottery.

Stupid is as stupid does, as the man says.

Next time I have a bright idea similar to this, please feel free to stop me.


2 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does

  1. I’m no mechanic Richie but I’ve wielded a spanner or two in my time.
    Give me a buzz next time and if I don’t know what’s the fix I’ll probably know a man that does .
    Don’t be so critical of yourself brother, to err is human ❤

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