Cars, coffee and peace

My car is in having a free check at a garage locally, which I’m betting they’ll find some chargeable work to do.

Fine by me, if needed and hope it’s not too painful cost wise. Thanks to you tube videos, I’ve been educated in how things are done for cars, especially Mini Cooper, as that’s the car my wife drives.

It’s great to have a bit of time on my hands and an inquiring mind, with access to a wealth of info. The next step is to do jobs myself and remember my limits, when garages are needed for jobs I can’t do.

I come from an IT background and the engineering principles are the same when troubleshooting and fault finding. As my good pal Lord G says, whatever you take off, put back in the same order after giving it a good inspection. First rule of mechanical engineering and I believe engineering principle 101.

I lack the diagnostic tool, so I need to buy a dongle (ooooer, Missus) and software for iphone. That will allow me to troubleshoot issues as the garages do.

Then if I can do the work, no need for garages until service time. I can basic repairs myself.

As the car is in being checked, I’m in Witney having coffee, another favourite pastime and enjoying my time sitting with headphones on, writing, surfing and drinking some damn fine coffee.

As per my illness, I feel in an up swing at the moment. The meds being finalised have lifted a burden and hope they have the desired effect. I’m still nowhere near being out of the woods yet but I’m working on the right path and fingers crossed, it’ll get me there.

The trip away has had the right effect and I feel better for it. I will definitely do that again sometime as it really is a fantastic way of clearing my head and spirit. Being in the highlands for me is cleansing and uplifting, something I need to do often to keep good mental health.

I bought some of my kids favourite bread and a new cheese to try from the farmers’ market in town – a good morning, well spent. 

Be kind and do something for you.


2 thoughts on “Cars, coffee and peace

  1. It’s a family joke that I fancied myself a bit of an engineer when I was a child. Radios and tape recorders that forever lay in bits after dismantling. I wish I’d followed Lord G’s laws πŸ™‚
    I feel very low but am at my parents’ house and that’s helping. We’re beside the docks and shore at Leith and the seagulls are challenging my noise intolerance! However my Dad and I did a wee “times we loved listening to them” exercise. Family caravan seaside holidays, regular days at Portobello, fish suppers at harbour sides, crab fishing on Buckie harbour, seagulls alongside the ship horns at the bells for New Year. Lots of good associations to feeling happy and content. As such they’re annoying me less today, even though I wonder how they got to be the size of Dulux dugs lol.
    More happiness for me to hear that there’s a lift in your mood 😊 x

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    1. Brilliant way to deal with noise intolerance – make a happy association with that noise, a new contract, if you like.
      Mindfulness at it’s best!
      Sorry to hear you’re still feeling low. A spell away by the sea is good to lift spirits, I reckon and hope it has that lifting effect for you.
      Keep smiling and being happy.
      Hugs. x


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