The Big Red Button

I don’t know if it’s the heat or the political climate, which let’s face it is a lot screwed up right now and will likely take years to iron out, but people are being a special type of nutbag at the moment.

While out and about, the driving standard has certainly fallen, with people being more impatient and certainly less observant, while shouting at everyone else. Then there is the joy of social media. Posting anything at the moment receives at least one response that is angry and incendiary, which then results in angry exchanges where everyone is piling in to make their point but has no intention of trying to understand the opposing opinion.

Even if all that’s been posted is a picture of their dinner or a cat.

We’re going through seismic changes in the world at the moment, which I’ve mentioned before. People were demanding change and a new political direction, so we get Trump and Brexit, which will deliver change but no-one really knows the vision. We hear vacuous soundbites like ‘Make America Great Again’ or ‘Strong and Stable’ but what do they really mean? Fact is that they mean whatever you perceive them to mean. For some it will be extreme and for others it will be some sugar coated vision of the future with unicorns and dancing girls.

It’s all relative to the individual’s perspective, the lens through which they are viewing the world which has all sorts of filters colouring that viewpoint. Which then means they buy in to the shallow phrase from their own perspective, not which may be intended by the politician saying it, so they become useful to someone else. That’s when the danger sets in, because when that individual realises that they never voted for that version of making America great, there is a growing disquiet which grows into a bigger noise and ultimately frustration and discontent.

I think that’s where we are now in the UK, as well as the US. Here, we had the frustration of the people with the political thinking over the past 20 to 30 years that has now resulted in a place where we were brought to the brink of collapse as a nation and all the subsequent decisions have been to make the population pay more and get less due to the failure of the economic system to regulate bankers who put the country in jeopardy, for which many governments over the years have to take be complicit in creating.

In short, the economic collapse created by financial institutions and politicians is being rectified by removing rights, money and services from the public, who had no hand in causing it. Our economy is still in turmoil as a result 10 years after it happened, but we still bang on about immigrants causing strain on our services, which is nothing short of a lie. The strain is caused by a growing population while cuts are being made to essential services instead of investing in capacity and future.

Meanwhile, the financial institutions who caused the crash were making massive profits again only a few short years after the crash while the rest of us struggle.

Then along came Brexit, a change, a chance for something different. Yeah, let’s press the big red button as that will bring change. No-one knows but feel that leap of faith is better than what we have.

I believe that frustration and dissatisfaction with the political and economic climate has led people to be angry and take to more radical views / actions to get some form of change. Sadly, it’s only a carrot held up by the same people who have us here in this position and it’s the same old promise wrapped up differently: we’ll sort out today to give you jam tomorrow.

People are angry and direct the anger in strange ways, like at your post of your moggy or steak dinner, or in a friend’s case, a comment about single parenting on Father’s Day.

However, I’m not ruling out the heatwave contributing too.

Hope you all have a good day.


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