Being positive

Back home for a night in a comfy bed, which is a good thing and had a great night’s sleep. It always helps – two great cures for a lot of things are a good laugh and a good night’s sleep. I think it’s an Irish saying and pretty much spot on with my beliefs too.

I returned back to see a letter waiting for me from the psychiatrist I saw recently and there is a plan which they offered and I need to make decisions, starting today. The first and main decision is to sort my medication out. I am seeing my GP later today and will discuss with her what the outcome will be.

While away, I felt relaxed, calm and upbeat, motivated to find new routes, walk along favourite beaches. I am home now and hope to see that mood carry on, trying to stay positive in everything I do. I won’t try to analyse or over think, just accepting my mood for what it is and not thinking why. Well, not too often.

Another thought while I was away is my relationship with social media and how to improve it for the better. I think I have adapted recently but I think more needs to change to help me avoid negative discussions and be more positive with it. For those that know me, I am politically inclined and like to keep up with events, as well as discussions on certain topics. However, a lot of threads end up in acrimony as generally people are now polarised and have little ability to debate or explore another point of view, much less allow their beliefs to be challenged. I view that challenge as a cornerstone of the open mind but unfortunately, most view it as an attack on their opinions rather than a debate.

Then they claim  they have an open mind.

However, I do have good friends with strong opinions that are both similar and different to mine. We do have good robust conversations without spitting our dummies out or heading for the exits. These are people to hang on to and keep in your life, as they stretch your mind, challenge your views, all without respect falling away. It is possible to like people with opposing views and to get on with that person, seeing their character, their make up as an individual. It’s why I have such interesting friends, I reckon.

Today, I will enjoy the sunshine and peace of my own garden before seeing my GP this afternoon. I will try to meditate and allow peace to continue filtering into my head and body, keeping away the negatives, focusing on the positives.

As my good friend, Lord G would say, peace and love, Groovers. Peace and love.


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