The Retreat

I am now in a tent on The Black Isle in the highlands of Scotland.

Me, in a tent. You read that correctly.

I do like my mod cons when away from home but this time, I wanted to be by the sea, so here I am. That, and keep costs low. Mostly the latter.

For a while now, I felt that getting away on my own in the clear highland air would help me clear my head and lift my spirit.

I can report that my spirit and wits were stretched when trying put up the tent in near gale force winds rolling off the sea. It must have been a funny sight watching me struggle, trying not become an unexpected handglider / paraglider while failing utterly to stem the swearing that was rising.

Some may have escaped. I may even have invented a few new phrases as well.

I say it must have been funny to watch, which implies a sense of humour, but I have strong suspicions that those in the neighbouring pitch went to the wrong queue when humour was given out.

Still, I persevered and won the day, relaxing now with a beer. Inside the tent as it’s still a bit windy outside but still a win……the tent still stands.

I’m very nearly on the stone beach itself and listening to the hypnotic sound of the waves, which will lull me to sleep shortly, I’m sure.

I found this lovely piece of stone stacking on the beach, which put a smile on my face.  I may have a go at it this weekend, but suspect it’ll end in a mess. Worth a try, right?

The main thing for me is peace and quiet, walks on the beach and getting my calm back. I hope to see a few new beaches too, lots of long walks in some of the most amazing scenery known to man.

More to follow this weekend.


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