Ups and downs, checks and balances

First ever trip to Mental Health Services anywhere for me, yesterday. Lady M decided she was coming to make sure the story was told properly and that I got the right treatment as a result.

A very nice psychiatrist met with us and talked through my history, my meds and how I came to be at her door. I think it was a productive meeting, with the nice lady doctor (I’m being patronisingly British in this regard, although she was very nice) listened, probed and tried to understand just what the hell is going on in my bonce.

We discussed a meds approach and other treatments, which all sound pretty good, worth a try. I came out of there feeling more positive and that I can now get some support to help my recovery. I even went into M&S to buy some celebratory chocolate chunk shortbread, which is a favourite in this house.

I went to bed a bit earlier, as I was taking the kids to school, and then went shopping for my camping trip, thinking that after that was done, I’d go home for lunch to chill out for a while before getting the kids.

Little did I know that waiting for me was the crap sandwich through the mail from my insurance company, who dropped a bomb regarding my car insurance. There was an omission on my form from an accident I had in 2015, completely forgot about it, as I have most things from 2015 to Jan 2017. They wanted to charge me double and then a fee for leaving them.

I then spent the time until leaving for the kids arranging yet another round of insurance because of massive cock ups and just don’t need the hassle of it all. It surely isn’t that hard to pick an insurer who isn’t a complete shark out to burgle the contents of your bank account. That’s twice now in three months I’ve had to deal with an insurer imposing crap terms on me and to say I’m not happy is an understatement.

I just can’t catch a f***ing break and so desperately need things to just go right. Every time I seem to get on the front foot, along comes something else to kick me squarely in the cojones. Yes, I got something wrong and as I pointed out to lady in the call centre, if that was the deal when I asked for the quote, I wouldn’t have taken it. It does seem too far to have double the cost for adding one claim that I forgot about, due to illness.

On a positive note, I went to a tea time concert to listen to my daughter sing a wonderful version of A Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q which she knocked out the park, despite having a bit of a sore throat. Every time I hear her sing, it makes me so proud and she gets better and better every time.

A mixed day of feeling up, then reeling from yet another nasty shock in a long line of nasty shocks and finishing on a high note with some lovely music from some talented kids.

I only want to have good days, without others’ bullshit and if there are some talented musicians thrown in, I’ll take that.

Hope your day is better than mine.


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