Splendid Isolation

Another Saturday and I’m watching Monty Halls on his Hebridean adventure for six months as a Volunteer Ranger. The scenery, the wildlife, the great outdoors. I watch this in extreme fascination and jealousy as I think it’s now become my dream job.

He has a dog called Reuben who follows him everywhere and is nuts. I picture my cocker Troy going everywhere with me, not on the lead and it’s not pretty. That dog is a complete loonball and would get into all sorts of idiocy.

It brings it home to me – I need some Highland therapy. We’re due to go back in August, a get away at our favourite place but I feel the calling now. With not much cash, I have decided to go camping on my own for a few nights by the sea. Not my preferred mode of accommodation but it ticks a number of boxes.

The biggest box it ticks is a retreat for me. Somewhere to charge my batteries, walk the beaches, on my own with my thoughts, at one with the land. I need this as I feel I am vegging here and need some isolation, time for me away from here.

I first mentioned going away to Lady M when I was recovering at the turn of the year and she was terrified. I had planned to go in Jan or Feb to a house, as it is really cheap at that time of year with a great choice of places. However, it didn’t work out for a few reasons, much to the relief of Lady M who was worried that I wanted to go there to end it all. It wasn’t the reason for going but it goes to show the concern that she had for my welfare and state of mind at the time.

This time round when I mentioned it, she was a lot more supportive and open to the idea than back then, which is probably a good measure of the distance I have come in my recovery. Nowhere near complete yet but further down the road, enough for Lady M to relax and be more comfortable with the idea of me going off on my own for a few days.

I’m going soon and looking forward to it, just me and the highlands and hopefully not a few thousand midges, which attack in swarms, biting the living crap out of anything that is warm blooded. Hoping it’s warm and mild for my first stay in a tent for many years.

I may not be doing the Highland Ranger bit, but I will be doing plenty of walking and hopefully the wildlife will be on show.

Just me, the highlands, therapy and splendid isolation.




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