Doing it for the kids


That’s what I once again woke up to this morning in light of the general election result here in the UK. We now have a period of uncertainty while the government is decided by either coalition / agreement, minority or back to the polls.

Take nothing for granted. As I said in yesterday’s post, we are in a period of political change and it’s turmoil. The old way, which is known as neo-liberalism, is in its death throes and people are looking for a new political direction to emerge. The lurch to the right has had its day in the sun and now looks like people are wanting a more socially conscious approach, a government who will build a relationship with the public once more and work in favour of the people. I also believe people are fed up to the back teeth hearing about the economy and austerity measures which have only served up division and resentment.

This will rumble on for a while. It won’t go away for some time until the dust settles. We as a public can only watch as this scene plays out until it’s time to vote again.

It causes me to think though, what kind of world are we getting from our political leaders? We elect them, the people are in charge, yet I don’t see a lot of happy people out there with support for what any government is doing for some time. Do they serve public will or their own agendas? Or somewhere in between? Recently, I believe it’s the latter with a bias towards self interest since around 2000 when the Blair government kicked the switch on their policies, which effectively started the ball rolling on smaller government coursing the centre ground, from left to right and giving business more focus.

From there, we have steadily nudged right, coming to 2010 when it was given a kick to the right and further nudges have taken us further down that path to where we are today, a less tolerant and more divided nation than ever before.

In speaking with others, most seem worried about the future their children will have in the UK. I am certainly concerned with the way we are heading, what we are actually giving them that is in our hands. I want kids to grow up without concern for their safety or future, as I grew up wondering if I will ever get a job when I left school as the economic climate then was a mess, with prospects bleak for those leaving school. I don’t want my children having the same issues my generation faced then, with some facing uncertain years on the dole with little or no training in any trade or skill.

We need to make decisions now that will give our children a better chance in life and with this period of instability and division, the future will not be in the South of England, or indeed England. There is now a higher likelihood of us leaving here in the next couple of years for the sake of our kids, and our collective sanity, to forge a better future elsewhere.

It’s not the place I came to 20+ years ago and the changes have made it a less pleasant place to live, such is the way of things. Now it’s time to take the decisions.

We’re doing it for the kids.


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