Vote for change

Election day here in the UK. Off we all go to our polling stations to put an x in the box of our preferred candidate.

It’s an important one, more important than I recall for some time. The world is changing politically, the old order is trying to hold on across the globe with politics of division and hate, which people are beginning to wake up and see it for what it’s worth.

Interestingly, it’s in US where people voted for change / hope / progress with Obama and got more of the same. They went even more radical with Trump but I don’t think many realised just how radically he would change things, not for the better or for the common good. The US appears to have lurched far to the right with some wholly unpalatable policies and ideology being implemented, giving the green light and a platform to those with some pretty nasty views.

In the UK, we have Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union) which has dominated our politics for some time. This again was one of those radical votes for change that has everyone scratching their heads and wondering just how the hell this could have happened. In that campaign, there were lies, deceit and some pretty repugnant views were aired, with Nigel Farage (at that time UKIP leader) launching a billboard poster of refugees on a road which was an updated version of a Nazi Party billboard poster from c70 years previous. It was outrageous, yet they still won.

After the referendum there was an outpouring of disbelief and hate in equal measure, where section of the population were asked ‘when are you going home?’ and in some more extreme cases letters posted through immigrants doors. It’s not the world I want to live in or experience, all this hate and division.

We still live with it today and add an unstable economy in the mix, partly due to the effects of Brexit as well as a crippling record debt, we find ourselves in the UK on the horns of a dilemma. We need change, we need to find equilibrium and peace again, which has not been happening for some time. We need to put people first and build the country we would like to see again, not the boil on the bum we are fast becoming.

We can’t find money for education, for hospitals, for police but we can find billions to spend on Buckingham Palace, Trident, war. We can find money to raise MPs’ wages significantly above inflation but not for other public sector workers whose rises are capped at 1%.

One of the top eight economies in the world by GDP and there has been a massive rise in foodbanks, where we have not only those on benefits using regularly, but also public sector workers and those in low income households.

That is not a better Britain, nowhere near. Having more children in poverty and food poverty is a disgrace to us all.

Then we have the proposed Dementia Tax, where people who have worked hard, paid taxes / National Insurance all their lives, and own their own home, should they fall ill to require care in later life, equity will be taken from their houses to pay for it. That is robbery, plain and simple. Pay up all your life and the government will take your house when you have already paid to make you pay twice.

Should the current government be returned in majority, it will only get worse and it will force my hand to make decisions for the good of my children, as their future and safety come first, every time. It would certainly not be where this government could exact their divisive and punitive measures to harm my kids’ prospects.

We need change. We need a new way. We need hope.


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