Got up and gone

Yay for Bank Holiday Monday!

It means we’re all home together for an extra day together and I got a long lie in, which is needed due to my sleep patterns at the moment. See yesterday’s blog for more on that.

As I’ve not worked in a while, it doesn’t feel much different as I’m at home anyway. Great for the kids as they are on half term, poor Lady M back to the grind tomorrow. I’ll take the kids out this week, certainly there will be cafe opportunities and other delights that we will undertake before they go back to school for the final summer term of the academic year.

Due to the fact I am perpetually tired at the minute, I’ll need to plan this out carefully and get myself mentally prepared for going out, as ridiculous as that may sound. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing that I regard it as ridiculous, better that I view it as a thing, neither good nor bad, an actuality.

It’s the way it is right now.

I need exercise, so will steel myself to go for a walk shortly and if I can summon the motivation, I will start some gardening as the weeding needs doing in the front garden. I am no Alan Titchmarsh when it comes to gardening, more Laurel & Hardy rolled into one and I need to be motivated to do it. Sometimes it’s because parts of the garden resemble a jungle scene and I fear we may be harbouring criminals or an SAS team on training duty.

Mostly, I get it done because I can’t bloody stand it any longer and I’ve reached that point passed that point a few weeks ago where it’s become urgent. It’s like mowing the lawn, when I start losing dogs in the grass and it resembles a meadow, it’s time to get the mower out.

I can understand people thinking ‘Lazy git!’ but the truth is more that I just don’t have the energy, the motivation nor the focus to do simple tasks. No melodrama, it’s plain simple. This Sneaky Bastard of an Illness robs you of motivation, desire and the ability to care about how your garden looks. The little jobs that needed doing that you got around to at the weekend’s, especially long weekends for the bank holiday, no longer get done.

In short, my get up and go has got up and gone.

I look at my lavender patch that I planted from time to time with dismay and think that I must do something about that. Fortunately, Lady M had the same idea and went to town on on it the other day, so that is cleared now, which will allow the lavender to breathe, grow and give us that lovely colour in a month or so, something I love and look forward to seeing each year.

This afternoon’s goal is to get the massing hoards under control, bit by bit, starting with one area at the front. Probably before I need another damn sleep…….

Hope those who are on their bank holiday are enjoying the day.


2 thoughts on “Got up and gone

  1. Love lavender. My two big tubs of it are forlorn. Tending to them has been niggling away at me but at the moment it’s the equivalent of climbing Kiliminjaro and I’m not even at base camp. I’ve got a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow so will make it my plan to do some lavender loving when I get back. Though I’m careful at the moment of setting myself up for failure!

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