Walking among them

Ever feel you had a bang on the head and woke up in an alternate universe? That’s how I feel at the moment in this world. I used to say ‘they walk among us’ but lately, I feel it’s me who’s walking among them.

If you’re wondering who the ‘them’ is in my picture of the world, it’s the other tribes. The other people I don’t get, don’t share a point of view and can’t understand their thinking. They seem motivated by and obsessed, getting angry with other people who they don’t know or care about, but they are mighty pissed off with someone.

The world is angry and divided. When you try to figure out why they are angry, you are met with more anger. look at this exchange in a town 15 minutes from where I live:


Yes, it’s politics and I’m not saying the man was wrong, but when asked to put his point, aggression and vitriol came pouring out as he didn’t have anything else to say, nothing apart from the buzz phrases and soundbites from a recent political campaign.

We have hatred and division in our societies at the moment. Look at Europe when you mention in any country about immigrants, someone will be vitriolic and angry, pouring out hatred of people they’ve never met, blaming immigrants for every ill in their country.

In the US, there is a huge division there, between the political parties and the rest in the middle shaking their heads, wondering just what the hell happened in their own back yard. Groups of people being victimised, vilified, disregarded. Citizens of certain countries refused entry, even US citizens, born and bred, who have the wrong face or stamps on their passports are subjected to investigation when they come home. All this while the President is sitting in Saudi with the people he says are responsible for the worst atrocity inflicted on US soil in recent times. Women have had their rights massively reset by older men in suits.

Then there is the situation in Standing Rock, which should shake the foundation of your very being, if we stop long enough to analyse it.

Where is compassion, common sense and rationality in all of this? We seem to have lost our humanity, our social conscience and replaced it with anger and hatred. This is given willingly to support the politicians in their goals, which in turn only seems to hurt everyone and create more division.

As a good friend would say, it’s time to sit down, sing kumbaya, drink tea and bloody well talk it out respectfully. People are ranting, shouting and have given up listening, while politicians whip it all up with their rhetoric. Where are our leaders when we need them most?

Sit down, tea, sing song, talk. Maybe we’ll find out we’re not so different and actually, we share the same desires for the future. We may find common ground and get rid of the divisive politics that poison our world, get back to living peacefully.

I really want to walk among us again.



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