Decisions, decisions

Recently, a friend posted about their move from their home of many years, moving to another area to retire in peace, a place they love.

He said that one aspect of moving was all the accumulated hoarding over the recent years was bigger than he expected, taking him a while to remove it before he moved, putting it down to his creeping depression over a few years.

This resonated strongly with me. I don’t mean I can only empathise, I can relate as this is me too. Parts of my house are needing attention, the garage is a mass of abandoned crap and the garden………less said about that, the better. This is all because of years where I can’t find the energy nor inclination to start and complete tasks. I may start, do a bit then it falls away with lack of motivation.

Lady M is struggling too at the minute and a sudden realisation that she is maxed out with stress of where we are right now. We’re only getting through the day, surviving not living as people. That said, everything for the kids is living and developing, doing the best we can for them as investment in their today will help their future. They have potential and abilities, as any child has and deserve our focus to give them the best start. There is no better than Lady M, a mum who wants the best for her kids and with her in the driving seat, they have every chance.

It takes its toll though and Lady M is paying right now. Something I have to be aware of and try to do what I can to lighten the load. Not sure what that is right now but I will do it the best I can to do better, for her sake. I don’t want her where I am right now as I was doing so much for too long and look at the end result.

Which comes to being where we want to be. It can’t be here, surviving not living. Yes, we suck it up for the kids but we both know this is unsustainable and yes, we have talked about it. Hard decisions have to be made and very soon, facing up once again to the challenge ahead. It’s a big one.

Life changing and it has to be for the better. I believe whole heartedly that the UK as we know it is over, it’s in the final days. England & Wales will remain, the rest is unknown right now and I believe strongly that England & Wales will not be the place to stay, as we will not be able to give our kids the best future, as time goes on. To give them the future they need will cost more in this area than we can afford, leaving us with nothing for out future, which we would sacrifice if that was the only option. All we can do is deal in probability right now and the odds are not looking good.

It isn’t the only option, we have to be brave enough to face the other options and make the decision on the best route. I’m sure of the most likely option and we have to do that as a couple, we’ll get there but can’t take too long or decisions are taken out of our hands.

As for my friend, I wish him well in the place he wants to be. All the health and happiness he can have there as he deserves all of those. I hope it’s cathartic and cleansing for him in removing the accumulated years of clutter to give him that fresh start he needs.

Making the decision can be the hardest part.

Be kind to yourself. You deserve it.


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