Under siege

One step forward, two steps back.

This is how life feels sometimes and it’s the shitty end of the stick. I wish someone would just throw away the stick and give it a rest but that’s not how this works. It’s always someone else forcing agenda, sometimes it’s no-one but the shitty end keeps poking in the ribs.

As you know, it’s been a rough few weeks and thanks to Lady M, things are starting to point in the right direction. A GP who takes me seriously, med changes and a referral to a specialist for my issues. I’m adjusting to the meds and tired as a result but it’s the turning point, the direction of travel needed to get us going.

Then, as is with these things, the bird of crappiness with perfect timing decides to fly over us. Lady M tells me her car has again shown an issue. Although it seems easy  on the face of it to get sorted, the garage can’t do it until next week, meaning that we are without her car for a few days. We will cope but it is an annoyance we could well do without.

I suspect it is the alernator belt needing to be replaced and a quick check at the garage would get a plan sorted but not until early next week. One of those things but annoying and irritating.

Then I receive a letter today from an insurance company who basically scammed me on going with them and looks like a protracted fight is going to erupt. I object to giving these shysters a penny and the sum is not large, but they want a cancellation fee for a situation they created in full knowledge they were not going to get this sorted.

It’s a known issue with One Call Direct, they give you a good price then reject your No Claims Discount and offer you a policy that costs double with no NCD. Even though you provide proof of NCD that you’ve built up over many years.

As my wife reminded me yesterday, I am ill and this crap is draining. It is also incessant, relentless and faceless. Give them the money they want and I feel like crap for caving in. Fight them, then it takes energy and saps me of positivity, making me feel like crap.

In other words, lose / lose. All I wanted to do was insure my car and got caught in a trap, head first.

Lady M’s car will get fixed, it is reasonably straightforward and routine. We’ll get it sorted and move onto the next inevitable thing that’s coming at us. I know it’s coming as we’re under siege at the moment, as sure as crap is on the end of the stick in our direction.

I’m sure there are people out there who will be wise, apportioning blame and coming up with some trite solutions that are always black or white. Life is assuredly not like that, not one bit. It is full of gray areas that allow people cover to operate shadily and by peddling the black and white nonsense, the peddlers are useful to others.

I’m fed up with corrupt practices of firms and politicians. I am fed up with people who have just enough education & knowledge to be useful to the machine system. I am fed up with the shitty end of the stick pointing at me.

I can’t control others, only my own actions. I can’t say thoughts as I have no control over those at the moment, but beliefs, opinions and actions are all my responsibility. I have to take control over the future of my family and away from the toxicity that is all pervasive.

Time for us now.

Hope everyone is in good shape today and wishing you all good mental health.


3 thoughts on “Under siege

  1. I know it seems like the world is against you Chiefy but it’s not personal. . .it’s just life.
    What’s important is to make sure you chose your battles before you deal with these things and try to not let them get to you.
    Easier said than done in some circumstances but if you break it all down to its component parts and hit them one at a time it should help.
    Make time to breathe, make a list and again chose your battles.
    Much love my brother,

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