The Coffee Zen Zone

There is something quite restorative and relaxing about an indulgence in yourself. This morning after dropping the kids at school, I went into town to visit a cafe I hadn’t been to for a while.

It’s a cafe in a museum site that serves really great coffee. Sited in an old barn, it has tons of character and is rather peaceful first thing in the morning before the museum opens. The museum is shut for the week as it has become a film set as it is perfect for a period drama due to the immaculate presentation of the property to an older time.

Since my last visit, a sofa was installed in the cafe and I took full advantage, sitting comfortably with iPhone and flat white, having time to myself. After the past few days of feeling totally wiped due to new medication, this was a welcome change and delighted I pushed myself to get out the house to do it.

All I really did was park the car, walk for a while in the country air, grab a coffee and sit for an hour surfing through whatever took my fancy, letting my mind wander in a different setting. All very therapeutic and worth doing often, time out from real life to reflect, to relax.

For me, I was able to tune out, slow down my mind, take my thinking elsewhere other than on being tired or medication or anything else, tbh. Thinking about it further, it’s a form of meditation, mindfulness at its core. Taking in the surroundings, breathing, relaxing, letting my mind calmly reflect and meander around, tasting the coffee, feeling its effect and reconnecting with myself by just being still in a different place.

Maybe something we all should try, from time to time. Coming into the good weather, there are a few good walks and places to sit for the world to go by as you drink it all in around me, especially in this beautiful countryside. I  do believe that there are healing powers in nature if we can just stop and listen for a while, drop out of the machine and simply live in that moment.

What have we got to lose? Actually, it’s more about what we have to gain.

Be kind to yourself.


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