I’m feeling very dopey today.

Woke up to take the kids to school, came home to have breakfast and just about fell asleep in my coffee. So, I went back to bed and slept for about 4 hours, all on top of the 8 hours I got last night. I even had to force my hairy butt out of bed at that point as I kept drifting off again.

Where I’ve been used to sleeping a lot, this has a difference. This being the fact that I can’t wake up when I start to climb towards the state between sleep and awake, just like I’m floating. I keep drifting under, waking myself every so often to find time has drifted on. Also, the dreams, vivid dreams at that, really hit in this state. For the filthier minded, it isn’t like that but loving your work.

Yesterday, we had a day where it was Rory’s party and we had his friends down at an indoor football centre where they run kids’ parties. The kids were being particularly ebullient and I had to help the organiser sort out the fights, shouting and bickering until they all settled down to get on with enjoying themselves.

Once they had all calmed down, it was good fun and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It was hard work for me but I do enjoy ‘getting down with the kids’ when the play football and I enjoyed it, despite the hard work. I do miss coaching in some ways but it is tiring when they are acting up and you’re trying to keep them focused, or the tube greased, if you get my meaning. A bit like directing a hurricane – not exactly extinguishing, just encouraging in the right direction and getting it to stop being so damaging on the way through.

It did tire me and when we got home, it was a bit of chill out time to get my head back in order. It may sound melodramatic but I don’t mean it to sound that way. Whereas coaching invigorated and energised me at times, this took it from me and didn’t pay back, so I had to get my head back in order.

Maybe that’s a contributory factor to today’s jaded feeling, but the overriding has to be the new meds settling in and causing me to feel drowsy. I was told they would cause this initially and to expect it, which I expected would pass with sleep as I take the tablet before bedtime. Alas, this is not the case and seems to last longer, through to the next day.

I am hoping this will die down within a couple of weeks of taking these, as I am only in week 1 at the moment. Fingers crossed I will feel like more with it at some point and can then evaluate the effect of the new meds, see if I can get my recovery kick started again.

Fingers crossed.

Happy Monday, everyone. Be kind to yourself.


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