The kindness of others always takes me back. I never feel I deserve it or warrant it, nor do I ever expect it. When it does happen, as it has recently, I am grateful, humble and surprised in equal measure.

Recently, I’ve had my good friend Lord G down to visit with his Happiness Hat, who brought smiles, coffee and hangovers with him. He also left by buying me a most beautiful picture from the local pub that was hanging there, that moved me to tears. It now has pride of place in the living room and reminds me of him every time I look at it.

Another friend sent me a wonderful gift for a free message session, which was so generous and thoughtful. The session was excellent and I will be going again, trying reflexology next as this has caught my interest.

This week though, two friends sent me music. Nothing strange in that as you see it all the time on social media platforms. This was a little more special as they were both their own compositions. I’ve known Richie Jasper and Antoin Doherty for some time through our playing days in pipe bands and both are wonderful musicians, playing a range of instruments, writing songs and music for many years now.

Rich sent a tune he thought about when visiting his son in Falmouth, where he saw Doris the Hump Back Whale beached on the shore. His travels and vision fed his wonderful songwriting talent that ended up in Petticoats and Slags. A great song that is truly Rich and I love it.

Then Antoin sent a song that he wrote, just him and the guitar. It is a song about mental illness, when anxiety takes hold and being on the carousel. It is a fantastic piece of writing and I am so grateful to both of them for sending me their work. I’m also grateful for their continued friendship and humanity, which they have in depths. If I am ever half the human they both are, I’ll be doing well.

Have a listen to some of Rich’s work on Facebook (@richardjaspermusic) and there are links to some of his work with Sunday in Leith, The Quiet Men, La Phooka, as well as some of his solo work. You may have seen him on Downtown Abbey, as he is a world class door opener and Dapper Chap in the crowd, as well as his music on You Tube.

Antoin has been hard at work with The Cordials (check out the albums) and The Trojans, who featured in a cider advert which had me rolling. I’ve played Antoin’s music in pipe bands and he can write a mean pipe tune, being published a few times too. Look him up on Bagpipers for Hire, search for his music too on You Tube.

I am so grateful to everyone for a simple act of kindness, reaching out when I’m low and giving me such special gifts that mean so very much to me.

Thanks to you all for you kindness and generosity. It means so much to me, even though I don’t feel I deserve it. 😉

I hope one day to repay a kindness to you as well, even if it is paying it forward in your honour.


4 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. P.s. Just back from Dornoch via John O’ Groats and a hundred little villages . . . .roof down for most of it 🌞
    If you need some drop-top therapy give me a shout.
    Peace and Love, Peace and Love.

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