The Real Soul Food

After having a few difficult days for a variety of reasons, it was a welcome change to meet up with a good friend I hadn’t seen for a while.

Liv is great. We met through playing in pipe bands together and stayed good friends, with a shared love of music and also a strong interest in politics, where we sit pretty much on the same page.

I say we have a love of music but Liv takes it to a whole new level, playing several instruments well and also works in musical therapy with dementia groups, which is a wonderful thing to do.

She is also one of the warmest beings ever to walk the planet and just great company. We met in the middle point town between us, sat outside drinking coffee and putting the world to rights. One thing both of us do very well together. We talked and talked, with me worrying that I was talking too much, which I probably was. It’s a particularly bad habit of mine, sadly.

Still, great to hear how her husband, daughter and Liv were doing as they moved area a while back, and now they are flourishing. The hours just fell away and I couldn’t believe the time when we finally left, such was the depth of our conversation.

After being so tired yesterday, I was worried that I was going to be wiped again, but not this time as I felt really energised and good from meeting Liv. I drove home, picked up the kids and once I sat down, that was the time the tiredness hit me but I felt it was earned. I did sleep for about an hour and felt refreshed on waking.

Never underestimate the power of good people in your life. The positive effect of meeting with them and having them in your life is uplifting. I met with a friend last week and felt similar, although I was in an up period at that point but the principle sticks. Even though Andy is a Liverpool supporter, he’s good people to be around and great to see him.

Thinking about Lord G with The Happiness Hat when he came down to visit, maybe it’s something that I should do more, see people face to face who mean something to me and enjoy their company. There are a lot of really good people I have met over the years that I am delighted to still call friends and hope that I can catch up soon.

Yes, it’s therapy and for all the right reasons. Good people have that positive effect on you and I always end up feeling better for being in their company. I hope it’s reciprocal.

If you haven’t recently, go meet a good friend. Drink coffee, talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

I really think that’s the real soul food.


4 thoughts on “The Real Soul Food

  1. Although I wasn’t in my dark place when we reunited almost 2 years ago (yeah… 2 bloody years already!!) and I was physically unwell, I loved meeting up with you after all those years and talking daft shit like raiding your folks’ drinks cabinet & my mum pouring boiling water on the hill to melt the ice!!! Boys Brigade discos at the church, Sunday nights when all our mums were shouting us in for our bath before back to school, impromptu “shows” and jumble sales, knicking sausages out the fridge & building fires up the woods and having our lunch “al fresco” during the holidays… good, treasured memories which always raise a smile in darker moments xx Whoever said living in the past is crap was talking it because I find good memories of good times with good people helpful xxx ❤ W66 MOW

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  2. I’m a huge fan of hoomanz Richie, even the ones that might be deemed challenged or challenging (aren’t we all?)
    It’s good to talk in all forms but Yes, face to face is best of all.
    It’s summer (technically) , pack a bag and get a roaming train ticket and go meet some hoomanz, new or old. . .an adventure if you will.
    Take Lady M, take the kids, go for a week at a time, go for day trips, do whatever suits you.
    The more I think about the more I’d love to do it too.
    You’d get a piece at anybody’s door, mine for sure brother ❤

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