The Walking Dead

Yesterday, new meds were introduced. These are to run alongside my current prescription, to ‘taper in’ the new drug in a low dose while reducing my current meds to ultimately remove and replace them.

I was told a side effect is that they will make you drowsy, so take them before bed time. Will make you drowsy…….no shit, Sherlock. I took a tablet last night as instructed, went to sleep and woke as usual to take the kids to school.

I say woke but that’s not quite right. It was more like a slight rise in consciousness which allowed me to operate at a low level. I took the kids to school, came back to bed and woke up again 14:30hrs BST, about an hour before I need to go and collect them again.

The Walking Dead.

I am slowly waking and feeling vaguely like a human, but it seems like a slow process, going in degrees. I need to go shortly and collect the kids, so hope this continues to allow me to function properly.

This is a period of adjustment, I get that, and hope that it settles quite quickly into a normal wake / sleep pattern that doesn’t resemble being hit by a baseball bat repeatedly. It does present a challenge this week and one where I am best to roll with the punches, allowing my body the space to adjust.

Apologies to all those who see me in the next few days as I will be rather zombified.

Look after yourself.


One thought on “The Walking Dead

  1. WOW !!! Isn’t it strange how these things affect us ? Hopefully the drowsiness doesn’t last too long and you’re feeling more like yourself again soon. In saying that, the sleep will help too x

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