Walking among them

A good friend just reminded me of a phrase I use a fair bit – they walk among us. I use it as a comedic strap line to describe how idiotic and moronic some people are when out in public. I used to write a blog where I described my commute into central London on a daily basis and the antics of my fellow commuters, who had me in disbelief at times due to their total lack of regard for others, as well as crass stupidity.

Before I go on, I do not believe I am superior in intelligence or in any way to other people. I was brought up to treat people with respect and courtesy, in a manner I would like to be treated. However, further respect is most definitely earned and can be lost by a lack of respect from others.

From when I started writing this blog, I modified my position to a strap line of ‘Walking among them’, such is my feeling of disconnection with other people. I feel that society in general now is in a totally different place to me and I can say honestly I feel like an outsider, like I don’t belong.

The politics of division has completely changed the political landscape and as that changes, people seem to feel entitled to air their opinions, presenting them aggressively as fact (opinions are just that, opinions) without being able to listen or debate their point amicably or logically. Just aggressive defence and stinging attack on another opinion.

When talking to someone or a group from the UK, social media is a great place to see this, just ask about Brexit or Scottish Independence or for views on Jeremy Corbyn, a political leader of the opposition. Stand back and watch, see if you can see a pattern or any sense coming out other than righteous indignation and contempt for anyone with an opposite point of view.

Another great topic to see this is ask about immigration and refugees being accepted in a country. Again, stand back and watch the battle rage with very little debate or exploration being applied. It truly is staggering that we have now got to a point where big issues cannot be discussed without battle lines being drawn and manned.

People are angry. They don’t know why, they don’t know who to aim their anger at and as a result, just climb on the first person that raises a different view to them. There is a video of the Liberal Democrat party leader in Kidlington, Oxfordshire on the party trail, being berated by a man he’d never met before, behaving in a most revealing fashion. He didn’t know why he was angry, his point was unclear and all he really did was shout, contradict and berate. No debate, no exploration, no calm reasoning, just attacking loudly and with venom.

This is indication of the level of where we are as a country. This is not the preserve of one group or political party or even a region, it is countrywide. It is also sickening and disheartening for those, like me, who would like people to calmly research, listen and engage in mutual respect, as long as both parties are respectful.

Right now, I feel like I walk among them and I don’t like it. I don’t want to be here, can’t escape them and feel like there is no end in sight to the madness.

I walk among them. And it sucks.


3 thoughts on “Walking among them

    1. Sometimes I can laugh at them, find the humour in their ridiculousness. Other times, they just grate and get to me.
      There are too many and having humanity, I won’t act on the impulse to drown them.
      Hope you’re well.


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