Try something new

I went out of my comfort zone yesterday. After a friend suggested I try a massage and then sent me a gift to get one on her, which was an act of true kindness, I went yesterday to see what it was all about.

I went to the premises, which is a business centre in Witney, also housing a gym and met a very nice lady who talked me through the process. I had thought about a full body before and she recommended a refloxology and back massage, which sounds really appealing, but I stuck with the full body massage.

Thanks to the seedy image created by saunas and massage parlours in the 70s & 80s, there is a stigma around these which has to be dispelled. This was a professional space, with good consultation and understanding of what I was looking to achieve from the session. Very caring and well handled.

I’d never had a massage before, not like this anyway. When playing football years ago, we had a physio / masseuse called Gav, a big man with hands like shovels, who was a builder to trade. He’d get the wintergreen oil out, which he had by the gallon and get into the area that was tight. You might not think it was tight, but he’d find it and Christ on a bike, he worked it.

After a session with Gav, you’d jump off the bed and feel you could run for ever, such was the relief from his ten minutes of beating the crap out of you with those magic shovels. Gav and his Magic Shovels – sounds like an idea for a TV show, probably C4, late at night.

I digress.

It was interesting to have a different form to a sports massage, which was meant to be more relaxing and uplifting. Usual crap from me, let’s fill the silence with inane chatter and the lady was very chatty too, so I just blethered all the way through. I think that was mostly discomfort though and the lady did say that it seemed I found it hard to relax. That is also true.

Lots of work on shoulders and pelvis, more than anywhere else as that’s where my issues lie. When stressed, I tense my body but especially my shoulders, which has resulted in a strange issue on my left shoulder and arm. I get a tingling feeling, like pins and needles running down it into my hand at times, sometimes an ache and seems like a pinched nerve to me. Funnily enough, the left shoulder and neck got some work.

I did feel relaxed afterwards and after a sleep, my body feels more with it, less tense. I’ll get to know a bit more soon as I will go into the garden to cut the grass (oh, my life is one Merry-go-round of excitement and adventure) but I do feel it has had an impact.

Next time, I’ll try the reflexology as my friend swears by it and that sounds like a good thing to try. Anyone else looking for a massage, I’d recommend trying it but stay away from the late night dodgy ones, unless that’s your thing.

Be kind to yourself, have a massage.


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