The father & daughter walk

I’m preparing for a bit of a fight and have been getting it lined up for a couple of days now. Dragging darling daughter out for a walk.

This may sound a bit odd, but it’s more preparation for the expedition part of her Duke of Edinburgh award. They had a dry run a couple of months ago and although her group finished, it did not go that well.

I went to collect her the next day and to say she was an emotional & physical wreck is not over playing it. She was in near tears in the car, partly from the physical challenge, but more emotionally drained from the behaviour of her group, who are all around 13 & 14 years old. At one point, they thought they were lost, got frustrated so the arguments started, with one throwing her drinks bottle away, one punching a tree and another in tears.

In fairness to my darling daughter, she looked at it all with incredulity as she is practical and couldn’t understand why punching and kicking a tree would be helpful in this circumstance to help them find their way back.

We’re going on a walk today to help her get fitter and more physically able to meet this challenge, to make it easier for her if she feels fitter to be on top of the shenanigans should they start up again. A couple of times a week, she will get her kit on with a rucksack that will get heavier and we will walk in this beautiful countryside a way of preparation for a few weeks time.

She won’t want to do it and will give me static, but it has to be done. Then, when she is out walking, I know we will enjoy it and chat to our hearts’ content about crap. Father and daughter things, which is great for both of us.

It will be a struggle and I’m getting my dad face on.

I also need the exercise. Having mental health issues, exercise is excellent to lift your mood, flooding the body with feel good endorphins and make you feel generally better about yourself. I don’t do enough and thoroughly enjoy when I do, so I’m going to use this as an excuse to getting out twice a week with Abigail and help her while she’s helping me.

I’m not as fit as I used to be and sit around a fair bit due to not wanting to do anything. Everything I do generally has to be forced and that is not a healthy place to be. I must try more and give myself a chance in recovery by getting more exercise.

Now, please excuse me but Round 1 beckons and I am steeling myself.

Be kind to yourself.


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