Random acts of kindness

I’ve just been into town with Lady M and a bit more rushed than we’d like but sitting having coffee without kids is great. We love our kids, love spending time with them but to do something just for us is very welcome.

One thing we won’t be doing again is going to Sainsbury’s in the town. Awful experience, filled with awful people, not relaxing one moment since entering. We had to go in for something Lady M could only get there, but will be sourcing another retailer at some point. Then on leaving, there was an old woman in a furry onesie, a bit like shagpile carpet, which only hastened our desire to depart quickly and not return there. Ever.

After one more collection, we went to have coffee at the fantastic UE coffee roasters cafe, who make some of the best coffee going. We sat with great coffee, talking and enjoying each others company in peace without kids. Shame we couldn’t sit longer as Lady M had an appointment later, so we had to leave but it is amazing for mental health to sit with your best friend and talk, connect and laugh. Yes, there was the usual logistical bollocks to discuss as well but to have peace to connect is golden and I am very grateful.

Another wonderful thing happened this morning. An act of human kindness that I find uplifting and exceedingly touching. A friend and I have been talking about our respective mental health issues recently, reaching out to each other as a result of this blog opening the door to discussion. She mentioned that she was recommended massage and only tried as it was one of those things that didn’t appeal but thought she’d give it a go. She became an instant convert, as she was relaxed, felt good in body, mind and spirit and urged me strongly to try it.

I looked at the local providers and thought it was expensive but hey, I’ll have a go sometime. She decided that wasn’t good enough and sent me down a gift for a session as her treat. I am overwhelmed that someone should think enough of me to send me a gift to help me in my recovery and very grateful indeed. In fact, I am touched and feel humbled. I won’t give detail as the person knows who they are but I am extremely grateful indeed and as said before, will repay that kindness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will report on the massage too.

It leads me to think about random acts of kindness and how they can benefit everyone involved mentally and spiritually. By spiritual, I mean good for the soul and spirit. There is a fast food and restaurant chain in Glasgow that does exactly this kind of thing – buy your meal and give more as ‘suspended’, which goes to pay for a homeless person’s dinner. They employ homeless people too to get them off the street and it gave me a thought – why don’t we do more of this to help others?

Be kind to yourself and make a small random act of kindness for someone else. It’s good for the soul.


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