Easter Monday Family Time

Easter Monday was made for one thing – family time…..okay, two things – family time and chocolate. Hold on, three things – family time, chocolate and movies.

We were out this morning buying Lady M a laptop for commuting, so that she can work on the train and annoy other folk. Commuters are the most self absorbed, pain in the butt jobbybums that you would ever care to meet. I commuted for some time into London and hated every second of it, as you can tell from my previous blog The Arsehead Chronicles which told of my experiences walking among them every day. Be careful now, there is language as well as adult themes all the way through. Was cathartic while it lasted.

Rory and I have been sitting watching Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows 2 and now we’re watching Boss Baby, with Lady M floating about in between. I’ve been setting up the new laptop for her and even though it was ‘Ready to go!’, it still took a fair bit of setting up due to the way Microsoft set up their software, but that’s a whole other story.

Giving a cheer when Harry finally kicked Voldemort’s butt, Rory had been crying when he thought Harry had been killed, being carried back to a ruin Hogwarts by Hagred. I remember those days when you get so into the story, you feel everything that happens and now living it through the eyes of my children, which is bitter sweet. He did think it was funny when I suggested that Neville flips Voldemort the finger when announcing he wanted to say something. Broke the mood somewhat and cheered him up. Violence and irreverence do that for my boy……..

At his age, I used to cry my eyes out at things like that as I got so personally involved in the story, feeling the highs and lows, all the excitement of the story line. Hell, I remember getting steamy during Gorillas in the Mist when the poachers cut off gorilla hands to use them as ashtrays. The bastards.

Leads me to a more recent memory, not long after my father died. Lady M and I were watching About Time, which is a really well written film with a great premise by Richard Curtis, one of our favourite writers / screenwriters. Without massive spoilers, there came a point where the young hero lost his dad but managed to go back in time and spend more father son time together. Without a word, Lady M just came over to me, sat down next to me holding my hand, all without saying a word. She understood before I did and made sure she was there for me.

When you have someone like that in your life, be thankful for them and keep them close, even if it means blackmail or kidnapping  show them they matter. Without them, you may not even be here which I’m pretty sure is the case for me.

Enjoy Easter Monday with you and yours.


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