Getting away from it all

Now that I am back home, I can reflect on another great week in the highlands and the effect it has had on my mood.

We did mostly beaches and it was fantastic. Not many people on those beaches, which is great for me and I enjoyed the peace thoroughly. We also had some dolphin therapy at Chanonry Point, which is a must for anyone wanting to see these amazing mammals up close. Catch it at the right time and you may see some young too.

Had a great start as we met up with my old pal and his partner. Lovely to see them both looking so well and happy, taking the time to travel up to meet up with us for lunch. I love having Tosh’s company, great guy and always fulfilling.

Kids had a great time running up and down the beaches, writing & drawing some questionable things on the sand, not sure where they get that from…….
The dog also had a great time as he never stopped from one moment to the next, constantly running, climbing, digging, exploring and tiring himself out. Exactly what a young dog should be doing and he took full advantage.

Troy on Rosemarkie beach

The picture above was taken from a rock seat I found, a hollowed out formation that was a natural chair with support for the back. The only down side was a piece of rock in the most unfortunate place that always seemed to find a way to climb up my beam end. Darling Daughter found this disgusting and amusing in equal measure, as only teens can and I think I’m still picking bits of rock out of my butt.

It was a strange week for me. I loved it and enjoyed it immensely, as it does have a lot of peace and tranquility to calm the soul, a different view around every corner. Coming out to this view every morning and evening was also a joy, sitting out with a glass of wine or manning the BBQ while drinking it all in was a treat.

View from the deck

Friday was hard as I knew we were going home the next day and although determined to enjoy myself, I was irritable. Not the best feeling to have when you want to enjoy your last day and I really tried, but ended up wiped, totally knackered. We had covered a fair few miles over the day too, so that contributed but this was one of those drained days as a result.

Saturday was the drive home, setting off early to get past the traffic and still have a decent day at home, which worked nicely as it took just over 9hrs, door to door. Kids exploded out of the car at home and set about the task of getting the wifi back up and running. All that outdoors for a week and the first thing they want: devices!

This morning, I’ve now got a crashing headache and a bit melancholy as I miss being in the highlands. After waking with said headache, I thought about going to the beach and blowing it away…….must’ve been half asleep. Well, that’s it until summer and we’ll get back up to the Black Isle for some more fun and shenanigans. Let’s hope my recovery is more under way then and I can enjoy it more.

Here’s Rory’s view of the holiday, or it might be the ice cream. Either way, his face sums it up for me.



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