We’re going to hunt dolphins

It’s coming to an end – the last day of our highland adventure and we’re planning what to do with ourselves. Lovely morning on the Black Isle and considering our many options for the day ahead.

First stop will be Chanonry Point to see if the dolphins are out and feeding, hopefully without the attendance of adults dressed for an arctic excursion who get very excited and have been known to push kids out the way as they run for a better look. You know them when you see them as they just look like swivel eyed loons, just waiting to erupt at the sight of a dorsal fin cresting the surface.

The dolphins have been known to put on a wonderful display at feeding time. They leap, cavort and are generally very entertaining, getting laughs when they throw the salmon out the water with them leaping after it. Fabulous to watch and much recommended, all in a marvellous setting with Fort George over the Firth.

The rest of the day is not clear but usually someone comes up with a good idea and off we go to try it. Being Good Friday, not sure what’s open but being an area where tourism is high, I’m guessing most places will be open for business. And it’s a lovely day so far, with the sun gleaming across the Moray Firth and bathing us in something yellow which is not seen much around these parts.

Reflecting on my mood this week, I have enjoyed my time here exploring, walking, discovering, living in the moment. My mood has been consistently good all week as a result and if I am being honest, I really don’t want to leave. As I’ve said before, the highlands of Scotland have a therapeutic value for me that helps me make sense of me, of my being and a way of feeling that no matter what, you can live in the moment as that moment changes with each shift of the light, as it does often here.

As I’ve said before, the air is cleaner, the water soft and makes me want to drag my big hairy yellow butt outside to go walking, go exploring, see more of the highlands. We are returning home tomorrow, leaving early to avoid worst of traffic and get home at a reasonable hour. I hope to take some of those thoughts and feelings with me as we return, find some places to go walking and exploring.

I’ll miss the highlands but as a mood enhancer, an anti-depressant, it is the best I’ve had yet. I suspect it always will be.

We’re off now on that dolphin hunt and I’ve been told we can’t catch one to bring it home. Spoilsports.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself, always.


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