Perfect Day

I’m relaxed.


Had another great day with the family here in the highlands and all feels great. We’ve had one of those days that only the highlands seems to provide and we all seem the better for it, even the idiot dog.

Started off with a late start. Lady M and Rory went to see dolphins early on, which they saw and I went off for a walk to the harbour while The Teen slept as only teens can. We arrived home together, had lunch then set off for Inverness.

Ten pin bowling was Rory’s idea and it was a good one, especially as I won. Only just, with a strike and a spare at the end but Rory was playing with rail guards….which is my story and I’m damn well sticking to it.

We then headed to Rosemarkie and spent a large part of the afternoon on the beach. Weather held, just about and the scenery was fantastic. We found a pool with more starfish than I’ve seen in one place and a local showed me a picture where thousands had been there last week in this one spot. It was a carpet of starfish! I could not believe my eyes on seeing this picture and was fab. The post pic is her child holding a starfish and a beautiful sight.

My crew at Rosemarkie

We had a great walk along the beach, with Troy having a great time. As we speak, he’s crashed out after his walks today and he’s loving his time up here. Never stops running, exploring, chasing and charging about. He’s not only a great pal but an inspiration – we should all be more dog. He lives in the moment and enjoys right feckin now, no problem.

Troy paused…..briefly.

On returning home, Rory had been pressing for a BBQ, so that’s what we did. The two of us went to the garage, got out the Weber and proceeded to build a fire. Being a product of a West of Scotland, fire raising comes easily and Rory seems to have inherited this in the genetic memory. We built the BBQ heat, cooked the wonderful meat (square sausage was one offering) and reminded me how much I love BBQs. The view is immense looking over the Moray Firth rainbows in between the rain, with the smell of the fire all pervasive and I still smell like an asylum seeker in Calais to this moment, care not one jot. My little pyromaniac has just about collapsed and has repaired to bed, which is fab to see.

Me and the BBQ.

I am writing this with a glass of wine listening to my playlist on Amazon Music and finishing of a great day in the right way. Bowie, Isaac & Mumford, Kate Rusby (yum!), Ray LaMontagne and now Rage Against the Machine. Eclectic and different, which is exactly like the highlands and I love it for being so different, for the effect it has on me. The air, the sounds, the sights, the peace, the tranquility and calm nature of the people.

Remember my previous post about making sense somewhere? Well, it seems to be here.

Be kind to yourself.





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