Highland adventure

When I say to people where I’m going on holiday, they usually ask about the cold, the wet and midges. Well, we don’t go to the highlands for the weather and normally take clothes for all eventualities. It’s been blowing a gale and showery all day, but it doesn’t put us off.

This morning’s view

As a wiser man than me once said, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. I am proving this by sitting outside on the deck watching the sun set in totally the wrong clothing and freezing my jahoobs off.

I mentioned midges. For the uninitiated, they are a tiny biting insect found in the highlands in vast quantities that tend to hunt in packs and leave mark on people as a reminder of meeting them. Think tiny mosquito but thousands of them at once, which can get rather wearing. A bit like sci-fi nanobots, tiny but deadly in swarms, so relentlessly efficient.

Fortunately, we’ve not had the pleasure yet as the weather has not been consistently warm enough for them, but they will come. Hopefully after we leave for home.

As said, off we went to the beach at Dornoch, miles of amazing sand and tranquility. Tide was just off high and heading back, the beach was stunning, even in the patchy weather. I found a place to sit and meditated, of a fashion, just listening to the waves, feeling the wind circle and the smell of the sand and sea. Fabulous therapy and helps connect me with the land again, which is a fantastic place to be. The kids and dog go mental charging around, which is wonderful to watch.

Dornoch beach

My meds volumes were changed recently and it’s playing with me a bit. I’ve got a bit of a headache and more tired than usual, but that could also be down to the increased exercise we are having on a daily basis in this massive therapeutic playground. Hopefully will have a positive effect on mood and waistline, although we love being here as there are chips everywhere. Walking along Rosemarkie beach the other day, we were near a campsite and smelled fried food at 10am – welcome to Scotland.

We’ll see what the next few days bring, the weather is due to be overcast with some patchy rain again, but who cares when we have this scenery that changes every day? All this to explore, enjoy and discover in equal measure. All great for my outlook and mental health.

The therapy continues.


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