Highland therapy #2

The highlands of Scotland are an amazingly beautiful and diverse place. Turning every corner, you are likely to see a different site (which will look different to yesterday due to change in the light) and also a different accent.

Go into cafes and restaurants to be served by people from all over the place, with a decent highland welcome too. I personally love this as a place is all about how it deals with people and accepts difference. You are certainly likely to hear an English accent next in number to a Scottish one, where nobody bats an eyelid and treats everyone the same. I like that.

We were at Culloden this morning, which is the site of the last pitched battle on UK soil between Government troops led by the Duke of Cumberland, Butcher Cumberland to Jacobites for his acts of barbarity after the war, and the Jacobites, supporter of the the Stuarrt dynasty led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie or more recently as the Gay Italian Dwarf by the most irreverent.

Steeped in history, the battlefield and centre are worth a visit, even if it is for a walk round the battlefield, taking in the information stones, soaking up the atmosphere, take it all in while enjoying a lovely walk in the Scottish highlands. The story of the battle is quite an incredible turning point in Scottish history, sealing our love for rebellion against authority (okay, more baring our backside in defiance) and setting the scene for glorious defeat.

British politics changed after that, with the highlands being routed, men of fighting age killed and led ultimately to the clearances, which are a whole other story, displacing Scots all over the world.

My family I can trace back to west highlands and then through to just over the water from where I am now. We’ve visited and saw the houses where my ancestors lived before bursting for Glasgow when the whole highland economy changed with everything happening in the central belt of Scotland, so off they went. Great for us to see the history of where we are from and the environments that created our ancestors, maybe even living with us today. Quite comforting when you think of it.

I am now bushed after a day walking and enjoying the area, probably going to a beach tonight to enjoy the pleasant evening air, before coming back to the house to see the night out with a glass or six of wine on the deck.

Sounds good? You bet it is.

Mind, soul and body much happier for being here and enjoying all that the highlands offers, which is a lot. Mainly peace, tranquility and a feeling that somehow it all makes for a better you.

Be kind to yourself. Visit the highlands of Scotland and get the best therapy there can be.


2 thoughts on “Highland therapy #2

  1. Well said, Richard!
    I’m a (rather flimsy) romantic Jacobite at heart — and I’d still rather like the British government to give my family their lands back. 😉
    Have a most relaxing evening: it’s indeed a beautiful, calming part of the world.

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  2. It makes my heart glad to see your heart is glad! Sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you all yesterday – had an easy Sunday visiting Alwyn and his girls after our stint at the Dolphin watch. Tickety-boo, Gx

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