It’s a beautiful day!

Got up with anticipation today. In the highlands, beautiful morning and going to have lunch with one of my oldest and bestest pals. He’s even bringing a plus one, who I have yet to meet and really looking forward to the day.


I just need coffee, a fair bit of it, after the drive yesterday has left me feeling a bit jaded this am. Also, feeling a bit like I’m carrying more weight than I like, so I need to get to a beach and chase the dog / kids / wind for a while this morning. Will help to blow the cobwebs away and if it could get rid of a stone too, that would just be aces.

Tosh is one half of the Two Glorious Bastards I posted about previously and although there will not be drink involved, we’ll pick up where we left off last time. Might be more clothes involved and a bit more civilised, but you get my drift. It’s something about old friends that are able to get together after a while and just carry on without missing a beat.

I’ve know this buck eejit since pre-school, carving up the playgroup together. We were close in school, sometimes fighting each other too as boys do but never holding grudges and usually forgetting about it quickly. I’d think twice now as he does have a propensity for wrestling with blokes, first as a prop forward and then as a judoka, earning his black belt. Quick witted and has a calm presence which normally keeps nutbags at bay such as the guy in a nightclub one night who had his drink kicked over by a female friend, decided to go off on one, so Tosh just looked at him then at the drink, back to him with an air of calm ambivalence which took the wind out of the lad’s sails without saying a word.

It’s not going to be a riotous affair, as it’s lunch with the family and friends. We’ll keep that for other times, such as rugby weekends or boys get togethers but a glass will be raised to the bold Lord G who due to a full dance card can’t make this one. Next time, G.

Good friends are important for mental health and these guys are manna for the soul. Always love seeing, always hate leaving them and can’t wait until the next time. Today should be no different and I will need to run off that nervous energy today before lunch.

So far, highland holidays are good for me and it sure is my kind of place.

Be kind to yourself.


6 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day!

  1. Your return to your roots is fair suiting you Rich… nowt better than some fresh Scottish air to skirl yer willies and refresh the soul!! And yip, best friends are part of what makes life worthwhile… of course I have Ange (Angela Macleod), but I cherish many of my friends (including yourself) who I may not see regularly but love nonetheless xxx

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