Father and Son Therapy

It’s school holiday time, well for one child at any rate. Rory finished up last Friday and I’ve had the pleasure of his company, so today we had a boy’s morning. We took one Mad Dog to the vet, went into town to get fuel and took in a cafe for breakfast.

I gave Rory the choice of cafe and he chose UE Coffee, a specialist coffee roaster which also has a cafe in town. Rory had his usual hot chocolate and he then had toasted banana bread, for his breakfast. Even said it might be better than mine, which is an accolade in itself and I’m taking as a compliment to me, as well as UE’s baker.

I had a chemex (pour over filter) and a Brazilian blend that is fantastic. Plus a delicious cinnamon bun and I mean delicious. Really great way to start the day in great company, as we talked a lot of nonsense to each other, about nothing much in particular but made sense at the time…..of sorts.

And then it struck me: for once I was living in the moment, not worrying about other crap and being present for our time together. There are some things I have to deal with but I couldn’t care less right at that time, or now, as he’s rolling about the floor with one of the dogs having a noisy growly game. Rory is laughing his fool head off though, instead of growling.

It is a pleasant change to feel that I am in the present, not detached or remote, unwilling to engage but enjoying the moment and I am grateful to my son (and dog) for their innocent therapy. If we listen, kids and animals can teach us so much, as well as great fun to be around.

We’re off on holiday soon, so we’ll be on beaches climbing rocks, chasing waves, skimming stones and chasing after the damn dog to stop him being a liability. Last time, it was good for me and although I wasn’t in the best place, I was happy and content. If I can stay in that zone, live in the moment and not concern myself about other things, all will be well.

Recovery is a strange old road and the good times I take gratefully as they come. Always ups and downs, I just need to make sure that the good days far outnumber the not so good.

I’ll keep spending time with dog and children to remind me how to live well.

Be kind to yourself.


9 thoughts on “Father and Son Therapy

  1. School holidays here too. We’re having a movie day though as she’s been vomiting all night. She always seems to get ill in the holidays šŸ˜¦

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