Hurrah for progress and all that sail her

After a bit of a strange few days, I travelled this morning to collect my new car, I say new meaning new to me but it is second hand.

I managed to catch the train and all the connections on time, I was chatted up by a nice young woman who was obviously deluded and arrived in Wolverhampton on schedule. All I had to do was find my way to the dealer on foot, as I had been there before only by car.

It was reasonably straightforward and only went off route once, which took me past what may have been a hostel with several young men outside. When one of them moved behind me, I thought it was my home town all over again and then realised it still served me well, even though I left at 18 and I’m now an old git.

En route, I also passed a number of people on the street smoking, clustered around the entrance of a building. On approach, I detected an odour in the air that can only be gained from cannabis or similar, and was really quite pungent. The building happened to be the Crown Court, presumably all the defendants on the street having a smoke, maybe even a final one before going on a state sponsored journey and I thought how daft it was to be smoking blow straight outside a court. I’m not a prude and believe that there should be more latitude in the system for some drugs, even legalisation in some cases, but right now it is illegal.

And they were standing outside court smoking puff. Seemed daft to me to attract even more attention on themselves but there you go. That’s maybe why they were at court as they were at the back of the queue when the smarts were doled out.

I got the car and after an issue with vehicle tax (isn’t there always?), I was on my way in my new to me BMW and I’m happy with it. Pleased to have a Beamer back, not as good as my previous Beamer but a great example, nevertheless. Might even have had a smile on my face, as well as returning home without being exhausted this time.

Progress? I really do hope so. On the train, I was reading Matt Haig’s book, Reasons to Stay Alive that Lady M bought me and it resonated strongly on where I am, as well as have been. He states that you never really know how ill you are when in the mire and I agree with that, completely. I know I’m ill, I just don’t know how bad and may never get the objectivity to see it.

On reaching home, I received an email relating to the return of my current lease car and while Volkswagen Financial Services (remember the name, as they are useless) had been updated with all the new information required on several occasions, they still managed to avoid updating their records and chasing old info, despite several emails on the subject by me as way of reminder, as well as a chase for getting the car returned to them.

Somehow, their incompetence is my fault and I’ve got it sorted now by phoning the disposal company myself to arrange return. It hasn’t phased me as I thought it might, so that’s progress and I’m bloody having it. Screw them, 1-0 to me and might even be more if I could be bothered to count. I quite enjoyed bitch slapping them, tbh as incompetence should be met calm, reasoned savagery, and I didn’t disappoint.

Here’s to progress and all that sail in her. May it continue onwards and upwards to recovery, as that’s where I want to be, although that is not a destination in itself.

Be good to yourself, you deserve it.


6 thoughts on “Hurrah for progress and all that sail her

  1. Happy BMWing šŸ™‚
    And here’s to calm reasoned savagery šŸ™‚

    You WILL get the objectivity but it’ll be in retrospect when you’re well. Then you’ll really see where you’ve been and what a fuckingly great job you’ve done to get through it.

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