That was the week that was #4

The Happiness Hat did its job last weekend. I was pleased that Lord G came to visit with the Hat and brought the smiles that he is so good at spreading. A great weekend that the family enjoyed too – thanks, brother.

It did leave me tired early in the week and a fair amount of sleep was had. I have felt like I was low on energy for the week and this had a bit of an impact on my outlook, which I’ve been trying to lift. It’s a struggle at the moment and I’m a work in progress.

My car, which is a lease as part of my dissolving company, returns this week. I travelled to see another one a reasonable distance away and bought it, as it’s a great example. I came back exhausted, crashed out for a couple of hours and ruminated about how I used to love travelling to various places. There was no excitement or joy in this for me anymore, it was just a task.

Then I got a bit of bad news. I’m trying to close my company and a local council has decided to object as they think I owe them money. Even though I have stated the case, told them the full position of the company, they believe the greater good will be served by taking the company to court. It is not only a waste of money, being a pointless exercise, but also a stressful moment which compounds my feeling that people are unable to think logically when there is a tick box exercise to follow. It dragged me down that I am being dragged into a fight I am not really capable of dealing with.

I am hoping an adult somewhere in the organisation pops their head up and sees that this is wrong, not in the public interest to pursue. Sadly, I think this is a hope against hope.

My plans from last week have not really been met as a result and I have not exercised as much as I would liked to have done. However, I did manage to get out for a long walk around the local although it did irritate me beyond belief, as I wrote about in my recent post and made me realise that I don’t feel I fit in here any longer, wanting to be elsewhere that will suit me better. Probably a feckin uninhabited island somewhere, well away from people and heavily defended as a deterrent.

This week, picking up new car is on the list, saying goodbye to my current car and preparing to go away on holiday to the place I enjoy most in the world, so far.  My plan is to get out a few days to exercise this body in preparation for going north and be ready for all the walking we will be doing. The good news is that I am feeling excited about the prospect of going away and looking forward to it immensely. Lady M has worked her cotton socks off without a break for a while and both kids have been really great at school, so we’re all ready for some coastal therapy in highland air.

Troy the mad Cocker is coming too and his beach face is epic. Normally runs himself into a sleep coma by the end of the day and his enthusiasm is certainly catching.

Have a great week, all and be kind to yourselves.


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