Things that make me smile

You have to take the positives when they arrive, live in the moment and enjoy what’s around you.

Sun is shining today, and I can’t find a bloody car I like…….okay, that’s not a positive. I accept that and need to let it go, but how damn hard can it be? Loads of cars on Autotrader, but where is one that jumps out and grabs me? Nowhere, that’s where or hiding bloody well.

Back on track. I was thinking about what makes me smile. I mean, really gets to you every time I hear or see it.

Don’t normally do list posts, but this one is good to share.

My daughter singing.

Abigail has a lovely voice and when she stands to sing at an event, rises to the occasion to fill the room with her voice. She sings everywhere, even singing herself to sleep and I’m sure she probably dreams of  singing.  Being musical, clarinet and piano too, I love to hear her play, making me smile.

My son shouting

Rory loves to play games and he talks non stop throughout it all, a running commentary. Some of the phrases spilling out are hilarious, with ‘Get wrecked!’ being his go to phrase when he owns someone. His giggling at swear words or rude signs is hilarious and gets me every time.
He’s got quite the turn of phrase which you just provokes laughter and I love that in the kid.
Watching him play sport to is great as he fully commits and gets stuck in, enjoying it greatly. I’m a bit jealous too but living it through my son who loves playing.

Lady M’s understated humour

Another thing about her that makes me smile. It’s the ‘Oh, God!’ response in a flat tone or ‘What now?’, usually under her breath, like a thought out loud. Usually, this is in response to someone saying ‘Mum!’ or watching one of the kids stalk into another room with a sword, etc. Cracks me up and is probably something to which most parents can relate.
Her other go to response to my cheek is normally to ask if I want a thick ear, which is always wryly amusing.
Lastly, the way she says ‘bastard’ in that plummy accent. It is not a good time to laugh or smile at her when she’s aiming it at me, but somehow it does get to me, especially in that quiet, understated fashion.
Then it’s time to move swiftly before getting that thick ear.

Random acts of kindness

I love seeing people doing things for others. Holding doors open, picking something up, helping others across a road, it’s all great with me.
My friend Lord Gordon is like that. Spreading the love as he calls it, being kind and selfless, which is an amazing character trait to have.
Do something nice for someone, without expecting anything in return. It’s a lovely sight to see and gives people such a lift for others’ generosity of spirit.

Crazy social media threads

It’s a usual night on social media, you log in to see what’s going on and play for a while. Then you get caught up in a world of crazy that unfolds before your eyes as a thread gets going. I’ve seen quite a few and love it when it kicks off well, everyone contributing and laughing wildly at my screen.
This can draw a few looks if it is in a cafe or similar, snorting laughing at the daftness that’s erupting on your device.
Some of the funniest things recently have been the political memes, which are comedy gold, the gift that keeps giving. If you see someone in political life that is immensely stupid but being said with an air of pomposity or supreme confidence; point, laugh, repeat.
Honestly, it is the best thing to laugh at these people, rather than take them in debate as there is no rational thought there and voting only encourages them.
Point, laugh, repeat.

The Highlands of Scotland

There is certainly something in my DNA with this one. When I am in the Highlands, I smile. I’m at peace, feeling calm and happy.
The beaches are idyllic in any weather and watching the Cromarty Firth with a glass of wine / great coffee from a garden deck is life affirming.
The air is clear, the water soft and the views go on for miles, changing all the time as the quality of light is simply fantastic.
Our dog running on the beach too is blooming hilarious to watch, as he doesn’t know what to do next with himself, except run around in circles, the muppet.

Lots of things to be thankful for and these are but a few. Friendship and laughter are the two most fantastic things in life, which must be treasured. Enjoy every second of it.

Go out and find things that make you smile, everyday.


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