The Happiness Hat

As my recent posts have mentioned, my good pal, Lord G was down for the weekend. Great to see his face, have his happiness and kindness shine through us. He has always had energy beyond energy, which is positive and infectious, affecting everyone around him.

A wonderful human being.

In preparation for the visit, Lady M was her usual self, being so accommodating and getting on with the preparation. I was thinking about the sleeping arrangements and she walked into the room announcing it was all sorted. She’d talked to Rory and sorted it all out with him, got the rooms ready, all done. I really don’t deserve this girl and she consistently amazes me by just getting shit done to make it easy for me.

I collected Lord G from the airport and he came out, wearing this:


I collapsed laughing at the sight of a 6’3″ man in a Harris Tweed top hat. He explained, it’s his Happiness Hat as anyone who says it and wears it will be happy. He was spot on with that and it was with me in mind as he wanted me to be happy this weekend. Exceedingly kind, generous and thoughtful in abundance, just wanting to make sure I was okay.

It was a great weekend for the mind and soul, the body not so much. A few drinks, late nights and a lot of laughing were fantastic and exhausting in equal measure. I came back after dropping him off at the airport and fell asleep for a couple of hours, just reaching the point of exhaustion which will take a few days good sleep to resolve.

It’s like the battery has been drained and now needs to be recharged with sleep. I had a wonderful time, was nowhere near the energy and fun that I used to be, but it was fantastic spending time with Lord G.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tired and happy, much the better for the experience.

We all need good people in our lives and I am truly blessed, as well as extremely grateful. And we all need a Happiness Hat. It really works.


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