The two glorious bastards!

Today is the day!

Sun is shining and I’ve got my pal is arriving tonight for much needed laughs. Not got anything worked out apart from giving our livers a workout, which will be fun giving it a go, that’s for sure.

G rocking his kilt in Cardiff


Lord G and I have been pals since we were 11 and had some great laughs over the years. The other part of us is Tosh, who can’t make it this weekend due to his son’s birthday, which is a pretty lame excuse by any standards. He’ll be missed, we’ll have a few drinks in his honour and hope to see him soon.

Tosh being a statue in Cardiff

When we all meet up, usually shenanigans aren’t that far away. Like the time Tosh was covered in vinegar from someone else’s fight and then squeezed out his shirt on his chips. The time G came to his senses to find himself walking along the corridor outside our room as he’d gone to get ‘some munchies’, fortunately clothed. On a night out in Stirling, I turned from a conversation to find the two of them walking along with their trousers at their ankles, having a conversation as if nothing was wrong. When one of our group at a school reunion kicked over someone’s drink and the guy decided to kick off, Tosh just looked at him, not saying a word until the guy went off.

They are the most loyal, funny and brave eejits I have ever met, who are there in the blink of an eye for any one of us that needs it. When Tosh had an issue a few years ago, first thing he was asked was ‘When are we going to get him?’ Similar to the time I had an idiot being smart online, Tosh PMd me one line ‘Let’s get him!’, which we did.

G also has a penchant for dressing up, wearing a black kilt and has even been bull running wearing said kilt, having the bull rip it off him as he tried to touch it between the horns. He turned up in a t-shirt with Clean Teen written on it, wearing his kilt and furry boots. We walked around Glasgow pubs in that get up during the day, before he changed into evening dress, losing his shirt several times……which is the norm.

As I posted last night, my mood has not been great this week and past couple of days I was filled with anxiety for no reason. I’m now filled with a feeling of ‘I can’t feckin wait!’ and look forward to seeing his face. Even if all we do is sit, talk and drink, that’s fine with us as we’re comfortable with that. I’m not sure up to a wild night that we normally have together but just being in the same space for a while will be great for mind and spirit.

There is nothing like spending time with good friends for positive mental health and these guys are the best going.

Bring it on.





9 thoughts on “The two glorious bastards!

  1. Have a great time, laughter is the best therapy. I went out with the girls last night, first time in ages and it cheered me up no end. Cheeks were hurting from laughing so much, great times money can’t buy! x

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