How unfair life can be

This weekend was busy and a good one. Everyone was achieving things, Darling Daughter was orienteering and although tough, it is one for her character bank. I watched her grow right in front of me, even though she was in an emotional state on pick up, you could see she learned a lot and I am proud, so very proud of her.

The Mini Thug watching football was awesome. I loved it, the way he lost it cheering for the winning goal, his involvement in the game and the switch on I really hoped to see.

Lady M was working on a report which was tedious but I love watching the glow in her when she achieves something. Although there was some relief as this was a tedious task for her, her payoff is completion and acceptance, and she was happy.

It was also my birthday weekend, on which I reflected in a previous post.

Unfortunately, I inevitably find there is a ying and a yang in everything in life. We found out that a very good friend who Lady M has known for some time is in hospital with a rare and serious condition that will certainly shorten her life. We are close to both her and her husband, with a lot of love for them. It’s hit quite hard.

As they live in Cumbria, it is a distance to drive and we are working out our next move. It will probably mean Lady M going up for a weekend to see them on her own as we don’t want to take the kids as it’s adult time to talk seriously. Logistics but my darling Lady M needs to see her dearest friend.

Then yesterday, another girl at the stable yard where we keep our pony was trampled and badly hurt by her horse. She was taken to hospital by air ambulance with potential spinal injuries and we are waiting to hear more. We know the family well and again, brought home to us the potential dangers of horse ownership, especially as the lady in question is experienced and her family were there with her. Turns out that was a good thing as further injury was avoided and help got there as quickly as they could manage it.

Not quite basking in the afterglow of a great weekend as the shine was taken off for me. It’s been happening for sometime that when I seem to get one foot further along there is always something to bang me back two steps. I know some will say coincidence, it’s just life, the way it is. Well, it can just bloody stop now.

I know it’s my outlook on things but I do feel that whenever something positive happens, a good experience, I await the inevitable kick in the dangly bits to offset it.

With every fibre of my being, I send positive thoughts to my friends who need it right now. My issues are so trivial in the context of their situation and as their friend, I am right there for them, if needed.

Life is fleeting and fragile. Tell your friends how you feel before you can’t anymore.

Be kind to yourself.


3 thoughts on “How unfair life can be

  1. Sorry to hear about your friends, I wish them all the best. Also a happy birthday to you, shame you weren’t able to celebrate in better circumstances. Your family sound amazing though.

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  2. The things that have happened to your friends are really not very good but never feel like that lessens or trivialises what youre going through at the moment xx

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