That was the week that was #3

The roller coaster ride continues!

The week started brightly enough, literally as the weather was fantastic and that also goes for mentally. However, I’ve been sleeping so much this week which is usually an indication of something not quite right.

Tuesday night, I was due at a meeting at Darling Daughter’s school, but couldn’t get myself together for it, my mood and energy plummeted. Fortunately, Lady M didn’t miss a beat and sorted it all out for me.

I really think that this week has been full of so much running around all day, most days, that the very thought of it has tired me mentally and physically. A few years back and that would be pussy talk, weak crap from people in the way but now, I see it differently. The very thought of being organised, being responsible, expending energy is draining. I know I need to get my crap together and push this but it’s a matter of recovery and it needs to follow it’s course.

As a good friend pointed out, recovery is not a straight line from A to B, but all over the place, ups and downs, a roller coaster ride. And I chuffing hate roller coasters.

Good things happened this week though. Darling Daughter was kitted out for a Duke of Edinburgh award orienteering session and she’s back from the walk / camp this afternoon; sore and emotional but with a load more experience under her belt. Couldn’t be more proud of her.

My son went to a birthday party yesterday and I went along as well. Starting with ten pin bowling, we then went to the Kassam Stadium, home of Oxford United to watch the game from a private box and what an experience. A great way to sample a match for me and also for Roo. He enjoyed it completely and ate double his weight in cake and popcorn while being with his friends. I have explained this isn’t how it always is at games, but I’m not sure he believes me. I need to take him to Ibrox at some point, as my dad took me before, as there is nothing like it on the planet. The anticipation climbing the stairs, the noise as you come up and the crescendo as the teams make their way onto the pitch. Nothing comes close.

It’s theatre but so much more. It burns into your soul.

After a poor first half, the visitors were 0-1 up and The U’s had it all to do. We won the game with a goal in the last minute and as I celebrated, I turned to look for Roo and he’s right beside me going absolutely mental. A real father and son moment I will cherish as long as I live. We’ll be going back soon.

Lastly, it was my birthday yesterday and I had some of the best comments I could have, which humbled me somewhat. A few peeps sent me boobs (not their own), some even great to look at, some were Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies and all made me laugh. I even got a few Trump memes which make me laugh to my very core. I received a couple of messages that made me thankful to be alive and caught me in the feels.

I thank everyone for their messages and support, for which I am eternally grateful.

Now to next week – more exercise, mowing the feckin lawn and one of my bfams (Brother from another mother) is coming to visit which will give my liver a good workout. There may well be shenanigans, as there usually are when G and I get together. Really looking forward to seeing his face.

Have a good week all and thanks for continuing to read.


2 thoughts on “That was the week that was #3

  1. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. . .love you brother and you’ll be good. . . .the best always are ❤


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